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Additional Bed Positioning Principles

Exploring Additional Positioning Principles

Besides the Commanding Position principle, check out the following additional principles for good bed placement. Use your common sense to do the best you can in your situation. Oftentimes, following every Feng Shui pointer at once proves impossible; the trick is to adhere to as many of them as you can.

Of course, the ideal cure for almost every bed-positioning problem is to move your bed into a position that conforms to the Commanding Position guidelines and the other bed position principles in this section. If you can't move to a better position, Use cures that dramatically help your bed position and can also improve your relationship, health, and wealth.

Recruiting the power of the mountain

Positioning the head of your bed against a solid wall — your symbolic mountain — provides you with a strong sense of support, safety, and protection. If the head of your bed stands free in the room (not against a wall), your life and career tend to lack support. This position — for either the parents' or the children's bed — can also influence the children to do poorly in school arid, in general, not receive strong parental support.

You can apply the easiest cure by pushing the head of the bed against a wall. If your bed already sits on a wall, check to see whether it physically touches the wall you don't want any space between them; even a 1-inch gap between your bed and the wall can reduce your security, can cause mental strain, and negatively affect your dreams and sleep.

Ideally, you shouldn't position the head of your bed against a window; the opening in the wall weakens the support of the mountain and can create health-challenging drafts during sleep. If a window must be positioned over the bed, cover the window with a drape or curtain. The best curtain gives you the visual illusion of a solid wall. For added strength, hang a faceted crystal sphere in the window. If a door stands behind your bed, the problem worsens significantly. For the best solution, move the bed away from the door if you can find a better position. If you can't, cover the door and hang a wind chime over the head of the bed to disperse and diffuse any harmful chi coming from the door.

Addressing a bed in the path of the door

If the straight-ahead path of any doorway in your bedroom — particularly the main door to the room — runs across the bed, you can encounter physical problems in the body parts in which the energy path crosses  for example, if the energy runs directly across your heart and stomach, you can experience digestive problems or even heart conditions.

The worst version of this problem occurs if your feet (or head) point straight out the door. In this position, you lie in the "coffin ready to be carved out" bed position, a colorful Feng Shui metaphor alerting you to the danger; of this placement. You can apply a cure by hanging a metal wind ". Chime halfway between the door and the bed. The sound of the chime deflects the onrushing chi of the door and creates safety and relief. Also, you can hang a large crystal (60mm) by itself or in combination with the wind chime.

Selecting cures for problem bed situations

The best option is simply to place your bed in the Commanding Position. But what if his cure isn't reasonable? Maybe the builder of your house or apartment loot to cooperate with your Feng Shui goals, and you want to make the best of what's available. The following three situations, give you a good idea of common bed position problems along with cures provided here.

Curing the coffin position

Here how to perform cures to make a tough bed situation better. The bed lies in the dreaded coffin position; the incoming energy from the door can create health problems along the midline of the body and can split the relationship. Moving the bed significantly is difficult because of the closet door on the left as well as the large bay window on the right. The recommendation is hanging a faceted crystal sphere over the foot of the bed to disperse the oncoming energy from the door to protect the sleeper. Then hang a solid curtain over the smaller window behind the bed. The curtain makes the wall more solid and gives more support to the sleeper.

Fixing the exterior door

The outside door and huge window prevent positioning the bed in the Commanding Position (the upper left corner of the room.) Also, the location of the door in the Wealth Area implies the possible loss of money. The situation worsens because a car parked right outside threatens the bed and sleeper. (The closet prevents the bed from being placed in the lower left of the room.) The outside door is cured with a wind chime; the sound of the chime disperses the attacking chi and helps to retain the wealth energy within the room.
This bed position involves another problem: The energy from the bedroom door runs right across the sleeper's body and can create health problems in the torso (heart, stomach, and so on). Hang a wind chime or faceted crystal sphere over the bed to cure this problem. This cure can also be placed halfway between the room door and the bed.
Showing me the door!

Another: tough bed situation. Built-in furniture on the left side of the room prevents placing the bed in the ideal position - along the left wall. The bed can't be placed on the top wall of the room, because this position shares a wall with the toilet and sink. The remaining available position is on the bottom wall of the room, which makes the door invisible to the sleeper. The cure for this situation is simple and effective: Place a mirror on the wall across from the sleeper so the door is visible from the bed.

Commanding Position Bed Placement

Taking the Best Position: Commanding Position Bed Placement

Feng Shui involves many principles for the auspicious (or favorable) positioning of your bed. To take advantage of as many of them as you can, use common sense along with the conditions of your individual room to make the best choices possible. There are the five principles that comprise the Commanding Position concept, which shows you how to achieve the most powerful bed position in Grandmaster Lin Yun's Feng Shui School. If you see that your bedroom doesn't meet these criteria — don't panic! Keep reading: I show you cures you can implement to dramatically enhance sour bedroom situation.

The first Commanding Position principle states that the position of the bed relative to the bedroom door rates more importantly than the compass direction the bed faces. you don't need to analyze whether your bed faces east, west, north, or south. You can rest easy and position the bed according to the way it best relates to the other main feature of the room — the door.

The distance from the bed to the door

The second Commanding Position principle holds that the bed should sit as far from the bedroom door as possible. If the door is on the left, the best position is the far right corner of the room; if the door is on the right, the best bed location is the far left of the room; and if the door is the center, the best location is either the far right or far left corner of the room. The farther your bed sits from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life. You aren't startled easily, and you have plenty of time to prepare for events as they unfold.

The sleeper's scope of vision
The third Commanding Position principle asserts that the bed position should allow the sleeper the widest possible scope of the room. A diminished range of sight within the room can restrict the sleeper's chi and his or her life vision. The larger the space in front of your bed, the more your life expands, breathes, and improves. For this reason, Feng Shui cautions against placing the foot of the bed against a wall, which can block your career and cause foot and ankle problems. Also, placing your bed directly against a side wall (with no space between the side of your bed and the wall) can make you feel cramped, stifled, and less flexible in life.

The visibility of the bedroom door

The fourth Commanding Position principle states that you should clearly see the bedroom door from the bed. This concept means that when lying on your back in bed — that is, in the center of the bed (if you sleep alone) or on your side of the bed (if sleeping with a partner) — you can open your eyes and if you can immediately see the door of the room without repositioning your body. If you have to perform gymnastics or create new yoga positions to see who or what's coming in the door, your bed position does not meet this principle.

Not seeing who's approaching can keep you uncertain and on edge. Even if you think that you're accustomed to not seeing the door, you still likely experience ongoing subconscious stress, which can create imbalance and frustration. The possibility of always being startled can keep you on edge, and over time, the continual tension and unrest can cause an imbalance in the nervous system. Results can include nervous problems (think Uncle Fester), arrhythmia, and heart palpitations. In addition, repeatedly torquing the body to see whether someone's coming can cause neck and spinal problems in the long run.

If your bed position doesn't allow you to see the door and you can't move the bed, you can place a sizable mirror opposite the bed that allows you to easily see the door. If you need to angle the mirror to show the door, use a standing mirror angled to the appropriate position.

The direct tine from the door

The fifth Commanding Position principle holds that the bed should not sit in the direct line of the path of the doorway. If your bed does sit in the direct line of the door, the chi of the door runs directly and too powerfully up the middle of the bed. This factor can create diseases along the midline of the body.

The farther you sleep from the door and the more of the room you see while in bed, the more you can feel in control of your environment and, therefore, your life. Seeing the door to your bedroom symbolizes that you know what life is bringing and feel prepared to deal with whatever comes. You're in command, and the results manifest positively in many areas of your life.

When following the Commanding Position principle, you can choose from three alternatives for good bed placement. Just be sure, if possible, to leave enough room on the side closest to the wall for your partner (or yourself) to get into bed. The bed angled in the corner is the strongest choice of all; it gains support from two walls rather than one wall. If you choose this position, Recommendation is your bed feature a solid headboard. Make sure the corners of the bed firmly touch the walls. You can strengthen this bed position by placing a plant and a light behind the headboard. A real or an artificial plant works for this cure, and the light should be in good working order but doesn't need to be on at all times.

Bed Room and KISS formula

The bed should be the main focus of any bedroom. Many people unfortunately (and unknowingly) turn their bedrooms into small apartments with lots of functions. Nowadays, bedrooms serve as places for office work, physical exercise, TV watching and entertainment, storage for extra stuff, a reading library, and even an eating area — all in addition to a place that provides (supposedly) rest and intimacy in the relationship. (You may as well fix your motorcycle in the bedroom, too.) In this hectic environment, the quality of your sleep (and health) can take a real beating. The busier and more connected your daily life becomes, the more you need a safe haven from the clamor of the outside world. Bringing media in all its wonderful forms (phone, TV, radio, Internet, alien civilizations) into your bedroom is indeed mentally stimulating and highly enjoyable, but exactly the opposite of the peace and calm needed for high quality rest.

Try to return the bedroom to its original intended functions. In case you've forgotten, these functions are sleep and relationship. Let your other activities take place outside the bedroom (like in the living room and dining room) and watch your sleep and attitude improve remarkably and rapidly.

For Feng Shui bedroom decor, remember the KISS formula (pun intended): Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Multiple functions and purposes in a room tend to breed confusion, and this concept is particularly true of the bedroom. If you want increased balance and better sleep plus more togetherness, romance, and passion in your relationship, you should make following quick and easy Feng Shut adjustments:

Get the phone and answering machine out of the bedroom. This removal includes portable phones. At the least, unplug the phone a night.

Remove TVs, stereos, and entertainment centers. The TV is relationship zapper numero uno in the bedroom. (Be honest: Late night talk show hosts aren't exactly erotic mood enhancers.) In addition: falling asleep while watching TV is a great way to turn you into a zombie. Just keeping these culprits in the room detracts from one's rest — even if they're not turned on very often. If you can't handle this cure, you can cover the TV -- or keep it in a closed cabinet — whenever the TV is not turned on.

Haul out bookshelves and piles of books, magazines, bills, and paper. They distract you from sleeping and keep your mind busy while you sleep. A few books on your nightstand, however, are fine.

Remove office equipment, computers, printers, and desks from the bedroom. These critters offend for several reasons; they're noisy, clutter-prone, and emit electromagnetic fields that can sap your energy. In addition, office items distract you from sleeping and from relating to your significant other. If you feel forced because of limited space to keep multiple functions in one room (such as an office in the bedroom), you can benefit from sectioning off the non-sleeping portion of the room with a screen or room divider.

Get the excess furniture out. The KISS formula strikes again. Keep your bedroom simple, and you can feel more balance, peace, and calm. Also, excess furniture can stifle the energy of your bedroom and the people who sleep in it. You can still place other pieces of furniture besides the bed in the bedroom. But remember: Don't stuff the room with lots of furniture! Large amounts of tall, heavy furniture can dominate the bedroom and can even make you feel subconsciously dominated, oppressed, or frightened. Also watch out for poison arrows, angles and parts that jut out from furniture and point toward the bed. Poison arrows can negatively affect your health. If your bedroom contains large or protruding pieces of furniture, do your best to rearrange or remove the offending items. If you can't, drape cloth in front of the angle or place a potted plant at a jutting corner to protect yourself.

A bedroom really exists for health, wealth, and relationship or marriage; and then adjusts your life accordingly — as best you can.

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Enlivening the Entryway into the Bedroom

The entry into the bedroom should allow a clear, straightforward path into the room. This principle applies to the pathways outside and inside the bedroom door. If the entryway — on either side of the door — is small, blocked, dark, or cluttered, problems can manifest in your health, relationship, and finances. The following cures can open up new prospects in your life and relationships.

Using a bright light to bring about good luck

A bright light is always helpful outside the entrance to the bedroom. In addition to brightening up a dark entryway, this cure can bring you good luck.

Widening the narrow path

If the entryway to the bedroom is narrow, you can hang two mirrors, one on each side of the entryway. This cure opens up energy flow into your life and stimulates creativity and lateral thinking. It can be effectively applied to the entryway either outside or inside the bedroom.

Making sure the door has a full swing

The door to the bedroom should open a minimum of 90 degrees. Anything located behind the door, hanging on the back of the door, or hanging on the wall behind the door can cause a block in your life — even if the door doesn't technically hit the items. (This principle holds true even if the door can swing open a full 180 degrees.) The cure is simple: Remove the things that come between the back of your door and the wall. If the door is blocked by a wall and can't open 90 degrees, you can hang a wind chime just inside the door to propel sufficient energy into the room.

Curing negatives seen when exiting the room

Facing a closet, bookshelf, or bathroom door when exiting your bedroom carr. frustrate your opportunities and career. If you walk out toward a closet or bookshelf, you can hang a convex mirror (the larger the better) directly ahead of you in plain sight, preferably at the eye level of the tallest person in the house. If you come out of the bedroom toward a bathroom door, the effect worsens; additional problems can include loss of money and poor health. I recommend these cures: Place a full-length mirror on the bathroom door, keep the door shut, and hang a wind chime halfway between the two doors. 

The master suite dilemma

Large, beautiful, and convenient for owners, master suites reveal a major trend in today's home market. Amenities of a master suite often include the availability of a large closet and a bathroom integrated with the bedroom.`` However, a master suite can negatively affect the energy of its occupants in several ways.

A very large master suite can cause disorientation, confusion, and conflicts among the partners; a room that is too large lacks; coziness and can make the occupants feel Ionely. (Some partners end up communicating with each other by cell phone from different areas of the room.) Adding healthy plants to the space can make a large room feel more occupied and fill of life.'

Generally; an irregular space is an unwanted, persistent puzzle for your subconscious; in the same manner, an irregularly shaped room causes confusion because the mind continuously attempts to make sense of its space. A room with multiple openings and odd shapes is like living inside a mystery — determining where the room actually begins and ends is difficult.

In addition, the opening to the bath area acts as a gaping hole in the room that inevitably draws precious energy away from the bed. The best cure for ° this situation is to place a curtain or door across the opening.

The most elaborate master suites (featuring multiple openings, doors to outside patios, and multileveled and/or slanted ceilings) are classic Feng Shui nightmares. These rooms can provoke multiple life problems and can make finding a good bed position quite a challenge. An overall good cure for a master suite is to hang a faceted crystal sphere from the center of the room to harmonize the disparate flows of energy. For a stronger cure, you can hang a high-quality leaded glass crystal chandelier (as long as you don't hang it over the bed).

Curing the master suite

Now you need to know how to apply cures for master suite problems.

The room features an outside door in the bedroom. This situation can lead to problems in a relationship (a partner joins the circus), drainage of money in the household, or loss of health. The outside door also introduces excess chi into the room, which induces additional problems.

The path of energy from the main door to the exterior door runs across the foot of the bed. This condition can create challenges in the career area of life.

A huge opening in the room leads to the bath area. This opening is directly across from the foot of the bed and can drain the sleepers' energies. The wet, draining energies of the bathroom, along with the gaping hole in the wall, can wreak havoc on the relationship and physical health.

A master suite with the previous three conditions doesn't afford :.a good place for the bed. In Feng Shui, bed position is the most important bedroom factor; it provides a foundation for health, strength, and life success. Three of the Walls in this room contain an opening or doorway, which makes them impractical for the bed. The right hand wall is the only feasible alternative, but this position is a Feng Shui problem. You can apply the following cures to a master suite.

Place a curtain across the opening to the bath area. This visual barrier reduces the effects of the opening and completes the room, which helps to stabilize and solidify the marriage and health. Attaching a door to this opening makes a stronger cure, but for most people, the curtain is more feasible.

Hang a faceted crystal sphere in the center of the room. This cure serves two purposes. First, a cure in the center is a good antidote to having concurrent multiple problems, and it can improve luck and fortune. Second, the energy flowing from the main door to the exterior door meets the energy that comes from the bath opening toward the bed (and vice versa). At this critical juncture, the sphere in the center helps balance and calms the energies, thereby protecting the sleepers and harmonizing the entire room.

Place a wind chime at the exterior door. The wind chime regulates the flow of energy in and out of the exterior door. This cure helps retain energy and life in the room, and it protects the sleepers.

Curing multiple bedroom layout issues

This section demonstrates how you can apply cures to the entire bedroom at once. Rooms with several issues to demonstrate how multiple cures can work together in a room. Keep this tip in mind: You don't necessarily need to perform all the cures in this section to have good Feng Shui in your bedroom (although you may choose to do more cures!). Some rooms have great Feng Shui without adding any cures. The key is to be practical: Apply the cures that fit your needs.

Curing an oddly shaped bedroom

The following list describes the problems of oddly and irregularly shaped bedrooms as well as practical cures to remedy each situation.

An oddly shaped room: This room shape can create confusion and stagnation, sleeping issues, and marriage problems. To cure the odd shape, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere or wind chime from the center of the room.

An angled wall in Marriage Area: This problem can provoke arguments. You can cure this situation by putting a light on one end of the angled wall and a plant on the other.

A pointed wall corner that juts towards the bed: This condition can project threatening, arrow-like energy towards the legs and feet of the sleepers. To cure, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere directly in front of the projecting corner.

A large window on the left wall and an exterior sliding glass door on the top wall: This situation can cause excess chi to enter and leave the room. These factors can create a psychological lack of safety and protection for the sleepers. To harmonize these energy flows, hang a faceted crystal sphere at the midpoint between the window and exterior door.

A fireplace in the bedroom: A fireplace can burn up the energy of the marriage, leading to exhaustion and strain. Cure it by placing a potted plant in front of the fireplace to cover its opening and refrain from lighting fires.

A closet door that hits the main door of the room: Two doors hitting each other causes clashing doors, which can lead to arguments and personality clashes among the occupants. To cure this problem, hang two bright red drapery tassels, one on each doorknob, on the common sides of the doors.

A narrow entrance into a bedroom: This tight spot can harm your career and prospects. Cure this problem by hanging a wind chime over the entrance inside the bedroom.

A door not visible from the sleeping position: This situation makes succeeding in many areas of life difficult. Cure it by placing a wall or standing a mirror across from the bed that clearly shows the door.

Curing a bedroom with a blocked entrance, skylight, or beam

The following bedroom positions make entry difficult and can create health challenges.

Blocked entrance: The closet wall provides only a small area to move forward as you enter. This constriction makes it difficult for energy and people to enter — and exit — the bedroom. Results can include blocked feelings in life, frequent absence from home (or sleeping alone for months on end), and difficulty finding a relationship. Cure this situation by placing a full-length mirror on the wall facing the doorway. This cure expands the entrance and draws additional energy into the room.

Beam over the bed: A beam causes constriction and pressure on the sleepers; in this case, the heart. You can hang two Feng Shui flutes at 45-degree angles, one on either end of the beam. This cure relieves the pressure of the beam and creates better fortune in the Health and Marriage Areas of life. An alternative cure for this problem is to move the bed so the head of the bed is in the Children Area.

Skylight over the bed: A positive aspect of a skylight is that it adds light to the room. On the other hand, a skylight situated over the bed can threaten the sleeper. To cure this problem, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere from the skylight. For best results, hang the sphere using a ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches in length.

Bed room and the Octagon and doors and windows

The best shapes for bedrooms are squares or rectangles.

Positioning the Octagon on the bedroom

The Octagon is a basic Feng Shui mapping tool. The Octagon shows you which parts of your bedroom affect each of nine Life Areas. Apply the Octagon to the bedroom the same way you apply it to the yard or house.

After you position the Octagon, you can analyze your bedroom to see how the Life Areas are affected. Then you can use the cures and principles within this book to correct any defects in your bedroom Octagon or improve any of the Life Areas you want. For example, if you have a missing part in the Marriage Area of your bedroom, your marriage can experience unnecessary stresses and problems. To improve your marriage, you can perform a cure by hanging a mirror to expand the Marriage Area.

Dealing with doors and Windows in the bedroom

Ideally, the master bedroom should contain only one door (excluding closet doors) — the main entrance to the room. Multiple doors into the room lead to additional energy flows, which can distract you from rest and increase your vulnerability. These extra doors can also leak vital energy from the bedroom; consequently, they can drain your health and your money and also harm your relationship. Cures for extra doors in the bedroom are needed.

Windows provide needed natural light, but if located too close to the bed, they can be an energetic security issue as well as cause unhealthy drafts for the sleepers. If a window is positioned near your bed, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere in the window to diffuse the excess energy flows.

A bathroom door in the bedroom is a prime opportunity for you to experience energy loss in both your health and marriage. Rectify the problem by Keeping the bathroom door closed and hanging a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door.

Checking an outside door in the bedroom

An outside door in the bedroom symbolizes the frequent absence of one partner from the home as well as the possibility of divorce and loss of money. A door featuring windows only aggravates the situation; French doors are especially problematic. You can improve these doors in terms of Feng Shui by replacing them with solid ones and using the doors less often. If the door into the bedroom leads straight toward an outside door, money and marriage partners can quickly leave the site. To cure any outside door in the bedroom, hang a brass wind chime (with a sound you like) in front of the door. Also, use the door as infrequently as possible.

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Rescuing a bedroom over the garage

An increasing number of people sleep in master bedrooms located over the garage — an unfortunate Feng Shui placement for several reasons. This location separates the bedroom from the vital grounding energy of the Earth and leaves you sleeping over an energetically cold, empty space. The garage feels colder, messier, and less friendly than the rest of the home, and it drains chi and warmth from the bedroom.

Another negative influence is the car itself. The chaotic, noisy energy of the car tends to disturb the tranquility of the bedroom; in addition, exhaust fumes inevitably find their way up into the bedroom and can negatively affect the respiratory system as well as the overall health of the occupants. The solution for this design feature involves using the symbolic energy of trees to help ground and stabilize the energy of the room. Under the bedroom and inside the garage (preferably but not necessarily under the bed), paint a large tree with brown roots that appear to go down onto the garage floor and a large powerful trunk that rises up the garage wall. The branches of the tree should bear a multitude of healthy green leaves and extend far onto the garage ceiling where they can flourish into an abundance of fruits and flowers.

You can perform a variation of this cure by decorating the bedroom with the same colors as the tree. Paint the walls of the bedroom healthy shades of green and install carpet or flooring in brown or earth tone. Also, your ceiling should feature many flowers and fruits in multiple friendly colors.

Boosting the Energy of Your Home and Office

For an alternative or additional cure to the previous methods, you can place lively green plants in the bedroom to stimulate more-nourishing, living chi.

Protecting a bedroom threatened by a car

Cars that pull into an attached garage (or park directly outside of the house) and point towards the bed can subconsciously threaten the health and welfare of the sleepers. Over time, the continuous possibility that the car may come through the wall and harm the sleeper can negatively impact the sleeper's psyche.

To protect yourself in this situation, you can choose from two cure options. You can hang a large mirror facing into the room on the bedroom wall that is nearest the offending car. The mirror expands the bedroom and symbolically pushes the wall and car far away. Or you can hang a metal wind chime in the garage between the front of the car and the common wall. The chime diffuses the chi of the car and reduces the subconscious threat to the sleeper.

Knowing the best locations for your bedroom

The second Life Pillar — the all-important master bed - and its container, the master bedroom. The bed exists as a foundation for rest, health, and relationships or mamage. It presents a wealth of principles and pointers that, if applied correctly, can lead to tangible and powerful improvements in many areas of your life.

The master bedroom — the most critical room in the home — nourishes the chi of the adults. And the energy of the adults, in turn, feeds the children. If the chi of the adults suffers, so can the energy of the children. This situation makes the condition of the master bedroom important for the welfare of everyone in the home.

Here we have three-fold purpose: to set forth the ideal Feng Shui conditions for the bedroom, to explain how deviating from these ideals can create life problems, and to give you practical solutions to cure the deviations.

Placing Your Bedroom in a Powerful Position

The welfare of the entire household depends in large part on the placement, condition, and energy of the bedroom. Therefore, first consider the location of the bedroom in your floor plan.

The ideal placement of the master bedroom is in the Commanding Position of the home. This principle says that the best place for the bedroom is the back of the house and as far from the front door as possible. The front half of the house is less favorable for the bedroom: Because this area is closer to the front door — the active energy of the street. Choosing the back half of the house is more favorable; this area is generally quieter, more peaceful, and better protected. Moreover, the best areas for the bedroom are in the Commanding Position areas of the house; these areas lie cater-cornered to the front door of the house. For a front door on the left, the Commanding Position lies in the back right; for a front door on the right, the Commanding Position sits in the back left; and for a center door, choose either the back left or the back right of the house for your bedroom location. 

Curing Opposing Doors

Doorways of any two of these rooms — the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom — should not face each other. You should be aware of the potential pitfalls and cures for incompatible doors.

A bathroom opposite the master bedroom or kitchen

A bathroom door across from the bedroom door or kitchen entryway can stimulate stomach and intestinal problems or can result in depressed or negative states of mind. The situation worsens if the bathroom door is inside the kitchen or bedroom or if the bathroom door facing the kitchen is larger than the kitchen door. And if you can see the toilet from either the cook's standing position or the bed. For any of these situations, you can apply the following cure package:

Always keep the bathroom door closed: Very easy, basic, and foolproof.

Install a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. This cure works only if you keep the bathroom door closed.

Hang a faceted crystal sphere midway between the two opposing doors. Bathrooms inside of bedrooms have their own Feng Shul issues

Kitchen opposite a bedroom

Potential problems abound when the kitchen door directly opposes the bedroom door. Because you must always head toward the kitchen as you leave the bedroom, the sight of the kitchen influences you to overeat. Consequences include weight gain and digestive problems. Also, the fiery chi of, the stove can overheat the marriage or relationship, creating arguments and discord. If you can see the stove from the bedroom, the problems get worse.

You can disperse these conflicting energies by hanging a wind chime halfway and directly between the bed and the stove. The healing sounds and energy of the wind chime diffuse and harmonize the energies, creating peace and abundance. As an alternative cure, you can place healthy new green plants on either side of the doorway.

Noticing Neighboring Rooms

The two most vital rooms in a house are the master bedroom and the kitchen. Not to downplay the importance of your kid's rooms, but the master bedroom empowers the parents who literally and energetically feed the children. Therefore, the location of these two rooms affects the overall life and fortune of the occupants.

The bedroom and kitchen contain the all-important bed and stove, which create, nurture, and give life to the household. Ideally, the kitchen and master bedroom shouldn't be located near each other, because the energies of the bed and stove can conflict if they're too close. If the bed and stove are positioned back-to-back on a common wall, or if the doors of these two rooms directly face each other, your marriage and/or health can suffer. In addition, neither the bed nor the stove should sit near a toilet

Conflicts involving any combination of these three features — the bed, the stove, and the toilet — can lead to serious problems in the corresponding Life Areas. If these scenarios define your home environment, apply the cures for that with Feng Shui principles.

Toilet/stave and toilet/bed wall connections

A toilet should not be positioned back-to-back on a common wall with a stove or a bed, because the repetitive influence of the toilet flushing sucks life-force energy from either one. Potential toilet/stove consequences range from digestive problems to loss of wealth to serious illness or accidents. Toilet/bed consequences include not only these problems but also the possibility of divorce or even loss of life. If the sink sits on the wall behind the bed, the same problems may arise, though they aren't as severe.

To perform the toilet/stove cure, install a mirror on the kitchen wall behind the stove. Make sure that the mirror is the same width as the stove and extends from the floor to at least the top of the stove or up to the bottom of the cabinet above the stove. In addition, the reflective surface of the mirror should face the stove.

For the toilet/bed situation, place a mirror on the wall behind the bed, running from the floor to at least the top of the headboard. The mirror width should equal the width of the bed, and the shiny side should face the bed. If you don't have a headboard, the mirror can come up to the top of the mattress. When you perform this cure visualize peace, safety, and good health for the full results.

Mirror on wall behind headboard facing the bed.

Boosting the Energy of Your Home and Office

A toilet located on the floor above and directly over a bed or stove can also mean potential disaster. To cure this situation, fix a small round mirror on the ceiling above the sleepers' heads or above the stove, directly under the toilet, shiny side down. An alternative or additional cure is to hang a faceted crystal sphere and/or a metal wind chime using a red ribbon (cut to a 9-inch increment) directly over the sleepers' heads or over the cook-top.

In an apartment building, a toilet located on the floor directly above your bed or stove, causes the same negative effects even if the toilet is located in another apartment.

Stove/bed wall connection

If the stove and bed share a common wall, the potential problems are similar to the ones described above, and the solution is virtually the same. Install a mirror behind the bed directly underneath the stove.

Curing troublesome central areas

Three rooms create problems in the center: the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. The bathroom drains the vital energy of the center, harming everything at once. On the other hand, a bedroom in the center poses a problem because the powerful energies of the center threaten the peace and safety of the bed. A kitchen in the center creates trouble; the strong, fiery chi of the stove adds too much intensity to the already highly active center area, so health can take a beating. Of course, building a fully compatible Feng Shui dream house may not be an option for you. So you may have some easy-to-follow cures to calm the pesky negative energies.

Curing a bathroom in the center

According to Feng Shui, a bathroom in the center of the house can induce multiple adverse life effects. Bathrooms symbolize draining and loss - energy going down the drain. So a central bathroom can generate negative health, loss of money, and general life troubles.

For this situation, don’t worry there are two cures, one for the exterior and one for the interior of the bathroom. First add a full-length mirror on the outside of the door and keep it closed.

The second cure is to fully mirror all four interior walls of the bathroom. The four-mirrored-walls solution powerfully transforms the negative influence of a
4 central bathroom. (An added bonus — you'll never feel lonely on the toilet again!) As with all cures, strongly visualize that your desired life results are materializing while you perform the cure.

If mirroring the walls isn't possible, an alternate cure is to hang four Feng Shui flutes in the bathroom. Hang the bamboo flutes vertically, one in each corner of the bathroom. Make sure that the short sections of your flutes are toward the floor and the longer sections are nearer the ceiling. The top of each flute should hang at least at eye level or higher with the tallest person in the house.

The master bedroom

A master bedroom in the center of the house can generate havoc and confusion. The center's active, vital energies can disturb your sleep, peace of mind, marriage, and wealth. Solution is: The mirror solution, works dandy to help a centrally positioned master bedroom. Simply place the mirror in the back of the house directly in line with the bed. Visualize that the bed has been pulled back to a position of safety.

If you can't perform this cure, you can hang a wind chime in the center of the bedroom to calm and harmonize the room's energy. This cure performs a tad less powerfully than the mirror cure but substantially improves the situation.

A kitchen

Located in the center of the home can lead to accidents, major health problems, or even fires in the home. The mirror-pulling cure works wonders in this situation. For an alternative cure, you can hang a large faceted crystal sphere (2 inches or larger) above the cook's standing position at the stove or in the center of the kitchen. The sphere harmonizes and balances the chi of the stove and the center, creating better luck and health. Also make sure the rest of the kitchen follows Feng Shui principles

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase acts like a corkscrew boring down into the earth. Downward spiraling energy in the center of your home can provoke a downward trend in your finances, health, and life fortunes. The antidote is to create upward, rising chi, so an appropriate cure is one that draws energy upward. For that, there are two solutions. You can wrap a realistic green silk vine around the banister from the bottom to the top. You can also draw the energy upward by hanging a faceted crystal sphere from the ceiling above the center of the staircase. For a double-whammy cure, apply both solutions at once. 

Importance of the center

Finding the Center of Your House

Although all areas of your house are important, the most important area (besides the front door) is the center. The center of the house is the most vital area on a home's floor plan. The energy in this area dramatically influences your health and impacts every part of your life. The center of your house is like the hub of a wheel: All action and energy pass through this area. This principle is true even if you rarely spend time in the center — even if it's a closet.

Recognizing the importance of the center

The following four characteristics make the center stand out from all the other house areas.

The center energetically connects to and interrelates with all other areas of the house. The center affects and is affected by every area.

The center affects your health and well-being. Good health and physical vitality allow you to achieve your fullest potential. If your health suffers, every part of your life suffers as well. To keep your life in balance, take a look at the center of your home or workplace.

The center affects every area of your life. If you want to create overall life improvement, start at the center. Cures performed in the center spread energy outward to other areas. By the same token, if your home needs lots of Feng Shui work but multiple cures are beyond your budget, a single effective cure in the center can help you turn things around.

The center of the house can even make you centered! A cure in the center can help put things right by getting you centered.

Knowing the ideal energy condition of the center

Ideally, the center of the house should be open, airy, and free rather than stuffy, dark, and cramped. The center should feel bright, uplifting, healthy, and pleasant. The best room for the center is a living room, family room, den, or study.

Figuring out what's good in the center

Because the center of the house connects to all aspects of your life, performing cures in the center can solve your problems and create positive life benefits. The cures in the following sections can help enhance the center's effects on your life in multiple ways.

Attract vital energy with plants

Placing fresh, healthy green plants in the center of the house is a great all-around life cure. One plant can help, but more is even better. Odd, or yang, numbers are inherently more active than even, or yin, numbers. So an odd number of plants (3. 5, 7, and so on) can create more activity and change than an even number can create.

Display the color of health
Yellow is the color of health. For an excellent cure, place yellow objects in your center or paint the walls in the area shades of yellow or gold.

Apply a special life cure
If you're experiencing problems and really need relief, you can perform the special all-purpose "save me!" cure. Using a red ribbon cut to a 9-inch increment, hang a large faceted crystal sphere in the center of your house.

Master bedroom, Kitchen, Dining room

Master bedroom

The ideal location of the master bedroom is as far back as possible from the front door. If the bed sits in the front of the house, the marriage can suffer and sleeping can be disturbed. You can cure the negative effects of a master bedroom located in the front of your house by placing a sizeable mirror (at least 3 by 4 feet, the larger the better) in the back of the house, directly in line with the bed. The mirror serves to symbolically pull the bed towards an energetically better position — the rear of the house. The top of the mirror should be higher than the top of the head of the tallest resident.


A kitchen in the front half of the house can challenge the health and finances of the occupants because the energy of the stove can easily be disturbed by the active energies in the front A kitchen easily seen or accessible from the front door creates the worst situation; the active, stimulating energies of the front portion of the house can symbolically attack the stove, leading to unfortunate life results. You can gain weight easier experience stomach or gastrointestinal problems, and have a strong tendency to binge eat, especially soon after arriving home. Money problems are also associated with a kitchen placed too far forward in the house. To cure this situation, perform the mirror-pulling cure mentioned in the previous section or you can hang a large faceted crystal sphere over the stove.

Dining room

A dining room in the front half of the house can also generate life problems, but not as severely as the kitchen. Visitors may habitually arrive, eat lots of food, and then quickly leave. Or worse, they may stay too long chatting. To cure a front dining room, hang a large faceted crystal sphere (at least 2 inches in diameter) over the dining room table.

Good rooms for the front and the back

Good rooms for the front

The energy of your home enters at the front of the house through the front door. This part of the house involves movement, career, social life, and connecting with the outer world. The front is the yang, or active part of the house. The living room, family room, and den are good rooms to have located in the front of the house; their proximity to the front door enhances both your social life and family gatherings. However, these rooms are fine to have in the back of the house as well. Some other rooms that are especially well-suited in the front area include the following:

Office: A home office that is close to the outside world and the street can assist your career and business and help keep the office energies separate from the rest of the house.

Guest bedroom: If the guest bedroom is in the front of your house, your guests won't overstay their welcome.

Child's bedroom: Putting a child's bedroom in the front of the house can help them become independent. This placement is particularly beneficial for older children.

Good rooms for the back

The back half of the house is more naturally the yin, the quiet and receptive environment, ideally suited for privacy, rest, serenity, and connecting with the family. Nourishing activities such as relaxation, family activities, and preparing and eating food should occur in this half.

Pay close attention to the positions of the key rooms of your house: the master bedroom, and the kitchen. Ideally, the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room should be located in the back half of the house. The closer either the master bedroom or the kitchen is to your front door, the more life problems you are likely to experience. A master bedroom positioned too close to the front door can result in separation or divorce. And a kitchen placed near the front door threatens your health and finances and can cause money to exit the house. Anyways there are  few simple cures to counteract negative effects if these rooms are located in the front of your house.

Lookinq At Your Home: Front and Back

Making sense of Your Home’s Layout

You need to look at each section of your house in Feng Shui terms. Each part of your house has its own unique energy. But before you can adjust the Feng Shui of your residence, you need to find out what each area of your house represents and how the different areas relate to one another. For that the basic structure of your home's interior and how each area of your home influences you which you need to know.

You need to know how to analyze your floor plan and make the necessary Feng Shui changes. You can discover the difference between the front and back halves of your home and what fits best in each area. Next you should analyze the center of your home and find out why the center of your house is the most important area, the nucleus that energetically holds everything together. The center chi influences your health in particular and also connects to all other parts of your life. You can also see that some areas get along like compatible, friendly neighbors, and others rub each other the wrong way.

Lookinq At Your Home: Front and Back

An easy way to analyze your floor plan in terms of Feng Shui is to consider the front half and the back half of your house separately. For this exercise, you need a floor plan of your home, drawn to scale. On your plan, measure the length of the house from front to back. Then draw a line across the house from left to right, at the midpoint. For example, if your house measures 6 inches from front to back, draw a line dividing the house in half, at the 3-inch midpoint.

The front door of your house is the orientation point. Therefore, the front side of the house is the half with the front door — even if this side of the house doesn't face the road. Whatever is in front of the midline is in the front half of the house; whatever is behind the line is within the back half of the house.

You need to know which rooms are best located in the front half of your house and which are best situated in the back half.

Entering regularly other than through the front door

Entering regularly other than through the front door

Using a garage door as a regular entry can negatively affect your life depending on conditions in the garage. A garage that is cold, unpleasant smelling, or messy creates corresponding effects in your life. If the garage door leads directly into the kitchen, a double problem exists. Fumes and noxious chi from the garage follow you into the kitchen and can negatively affect the kitchen's energy and, in turn, the food and your health. To perform a cure, you can always park outside and use the front door.

If this proves unlikely, you can hang a pleasant sounding wind chime (using a red ribbon) from the ceiling in the garage directly in front of the entryway to the house. The sound of the chime can act as an energy filter, helping to disperse the negative chi from the garage.

Entering the garage into a laundry room can also negatively affect your health. To cure this situation, Recommendation is keeping the laundry room clean or entering through another door.

Two separate doors on front of house

Two separate doors on the front of a house are a major source of confusion. A second door detracts energetically' from the main entry and can cause career blocks, confusion, and other difficulties. To cure the situation, if possible use the originally intended front door to enter and exit. Mark the chosen front door with the house number and place plants on each side of it to attract energy. Hide the second door with a large potted plant and don't use the door.

Being Aware of Continual First Impressions

Feng Shui theory emphasizes the importance of first impressions, including the view of the house from the street, of the street from your front door, and others. In fact, these first impressions are also continual impressions. The first thing you see as you enter the house is a crucial first impression that sets the tone for your entire experience in the house, and surprisingly, for much of your life experience as well. A positive first entry impression creates uplifted spirits, hope, and positive expectations. A negative first entry impression, much like an unpleasant smell encountered when entering a restaurant, sets up lowered expectations. This continual first impression over time can make you a truly unhappy camper. Here's how to kick up your heels like a new filly.

Two levels of first impressions

This first impression principle has two important factors. One is the first room you enter (or if you enter into a foyer or entry hall, the first room you see or approach as you proceed into the house). Overall, the first room you enter impacts your psychology and physical health.

The second factor is the very first item or object your eye is attracted to as you enter the residence. Also, the first thing you see specifically affects your psyche, so carefully check out this aspect of your entrance.

The ideal entrance

The ideal entrance welcomes you in, greeting you with pleasant, uplifting sights, feelings, even sounds or smells, and makes you feel comfortable, peaceful, and at home. A wide, spacious, bright interior entryway gives you ample room to move forward and makes you want to move forward. You can easily see a place to sit or rest or at least see something pleasant and attractive ahead. An ideal entryway promotes career success and harmony at home — a positive attitude and a clear spirit. A less-than-ideal entryway is correspondingly less positive, or at worst, negative. If the first impression is one of a dark, cramped, cluttered or unpleasant space, the impact on you can gradually take its toll over time. Here details of positive and negative rooms to enter, and positive and negative first things to see upon coming inside.

Check out the following info to see how your entrance rates (and can be improved).

Positive rooms to enter by the front door
An ideal front door entrance leads into a foyer, entry hall, living room, den, family room, study, or office. Any of these rooms have either a neutral or positive energy, with corresponding life effects. Unless of course these rooms look like disaster areas! (Be aware that other factors in these rooms such as extreme clutter or negative furniture arrangements may counteract some of the positive effects of the room's location.

Specific qualities and effects of these positive rooms include:

Foyer or entry room: This room is generally good and fine at the entrance.

Living room: When you see a comfortable place to sit down as your first impression, you have a feeling of rest and relaxation.

Den or family room: These rooms give you the same effect as the living room, inducing relaxation and comfort.

Study or library: A study or library has positive effects; your family tends to be learned, intelligent, and studious and your children advance well in school.

Office: When you see the office immediately upon entering, you can find it easier to achieve success in your business or career.

Negative rooms to enter by the front door

According to Feng Shui principles, unfavorable rooms to enter by the front door are the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, bedroom, or dining room. The following list details the negative effects of each room as an entry point and also provides cures for each situation. (Note: The negative effects still apply — though slightly Iess harshly - if you see clearly these rooms ahead of you when entering, rather than stepping directly into them.)

Kitchen: The kitchen serves as a direct route to health issues, including digestion problems and binge eating if entered from the front door. Your finances can take a beating as well. To cure this situation, hang a wind chime over the cook's position at the stove.

Bedroom: If your bedroom is located just inside your front door, you may find yourself feeling lazy, being tired constantly, and not wanting to work. To cure, hang a wind chime halfway between the door and your bed.

Dining room: Similar to entering the kitchen, but with less severity, entering the dining room can negatively affect your eating habits and personal energy. To cure the situation, hang a faceted crystal sphere over the center of the dining table.

Bathroom: Even though entering the front door directly into a bathroom is virtually nonexistent in modern homes, entering the front door of a house into an entryway and seeing a bathroom first thing is common. This view can have psychological, physiological, and financially draining effects, much more so if the toilet is visible upon coming in. The cure involves keeping the bathroom door closed at all times, to retain precious energy. An additional cure which strengthens the first one involves hanging a full-length mirror on the outside of the door, which helps psychologically eliminate the bathroom. This second cure only works when the bathroom door is kept closed.

Playroom, game room, or gambling room: You can have rapid and intense financial upswings or downfalls. To cure this situation, hang a faceted crystal sphere 3 feet inside the front door.

positive things to see on entering

What if books are the first things you see when you enter the house? A view of books fosters excellent school performance and increased intelligence. Also beneficial are positive images, scenes of nature or waterscapes, and paintings or photos of peaceful and uplifting subjects. Additional positive first impression objects are flowers, plants, and aquariums.

Negative first impression objects

Things you should avoid encountering as you enter the front door include:

Any mess or uncleanliness
Piles of undone work
A toilet, the stove, or the bed