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Bamboo flute cures

Bamboo flute cures

Bamboo flutes are a very powerful cure tool with many positive aspects. Few cure items carry as much significance and effectiveness as the bamboo flute. Flute cures are potent remedies for numerous life problems.

Best type of bamboo flute yields the following benefits:

  • Delivers peace and safety: Bamboo is renowned in Chinese culture for bringing luck and strength if grown or displayed on the premises.
  • Provides support: Everyone can use more support in life, and bamboo, one of the strongest and hardiest of plants, is a potent energetic symbol of support for your ongoing endeavors.
  • Fights off evil spirits: Whether you call them spirits, ghosts, heebie jeebies or just plain old bad vibes, humans can sense negative energies. Bamboo flute represents the symbolic angle of a sword, helps to scare away negative energies and promote calmness and peace of mind.
  • Drive away evil, negative, and scandalous persons: The flute cure is a powerful way to banish or nullify the negative energy of those who harm, harass, or harangue you.

Angling your flute

An important aspect of a flute’s is the angle at which it is hung – the hanging angle associates with the angles of the Feng Shui Octagon. To understand this, visualize the Feng Shui Octagon, not placed on a floor plan as usual but placed vertically on a wall. The actual angle at which you hang your flute depends upon the angle of the Octagon or Life Area you want to remedy or enhance. For example, if you want to accentuate wealth, you naturally hang a flute in the Wealth Area.

To make your flute cure stronger, also hang it at the Wealth Angle. This additional detail makes a real difference in the effect of the cure.

Life areas
Hanging directions
45 degree angle, left side lower, right side higher
Helpful people
45 degree angle, left side lower, right side higher
45 degree angle, right side lower, left side higher
45 degree angle, right side lower, left side higher
Vertical; smaller sections of the flute downwards
Use any of the above angles

Important things to consider when purchasing and hanging your flute

  • The flute recommended in feng shui is made from a special kind of bamboo in which each section grows longer than previous one. This symbolizes life climbing upward step by step, meaning that things get better for your tomorrow than they are today, even better the day after, and so on.
  • The sections of bamboo are segmented by the visible ridges in the bamboo stalk. The ridges themselves are a key part of the flute’s energy, symbolizing power and strength. For maximum effectiveness, use a bamboo flute that has its ridges still intact. If the ridges are sanded off, the flute makes a much weaker cure to implement. Hang your flutes with the shorter segments lower and the longer segments higher.
  • Flute work most effectively when hung by a red ribbon with two red tassels, once connected to each point where the ribbon attaches to the flute. Leave the ribbon on the flute even if you hang it vertically. Also, the recommendation of having the length of your red ribbon measure in multiples of 9 inches (9, 18, 27 and so on) also holds.
  • A flute used for a cure should be treated with respect and never be played with, handled roughly, or blown into. If this happens, the flute becomes simply an object of d├ęcor rather than an energetic cure. 

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  1. I use this sheng chi cure AND am VERY Pleased to have learned about this feng shui cure and am learning MANY more! Thank You for your knowledge of placement for the bamboo flutes, this is VERY helpful!