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Additional Bed Positioning Principles

Exploring Additional Positioning Principles

Besides the Commanding Position principle, check out the following additional principles for good bed placement. Use your common sense to do the best you can in your situation. Oftentimes, following every Feng Shui pointer at once proves impossible; the trick is to adhere to as many of them as you can.

Of course, the ideal cure for almost every bed-positioning problem is to move your bed into a position that conforms to the Commanding Position guidelines and the other bed position principles in this section. If you can't move to a better position, Use cures that dramatically help your bed position and can also improve your relationship, health, and wealth.

Recruiting the power of the mountain

Positioning the head of your bed against a solid wall — your symbolic mountain — provides you with a strong sense of support, safety, and protection. If the head of your bed stands free in the room (not against a wall), your life and career tend to lack support. This position — for either the parents' or the children's bed — can also influence the children to do poorly in school arid, in general, not receive strong parental support.

You can apply the easiest cure by pushing the head of the bed against a wall. If your bed already sits on a wall, check to see whether it physically touches the wall you don't want any space between them; even a 1-inch gap between your bed and the wall can reduce your security, can cause mental strain, and negatively affect your dreams and sleep.

Ideally, you shouldn't position the head of your bed against a window; the opening in the wall weakens the support of the mountain and can create health-challenging drafts during sleep. If a window must be positioned over the bed, cover the window with a drape or curtain. The best curtain gives you the visual illusion of a solid wall. For added strength, hang a faceted crystal sphere in the window. If a door stands behind your bed, the problem worsens significantly. For the best solution, move the bed away from the door if you can find a better position. If you can't, cover the door and hang a wind chime over the head of the bed to disperse and diffuse any harmful chi coming from the door.

Addressing a bed in the path of the door

If the straight-ahead path of any doorway in your bedroom — particularly the main door to the room — runs across the bed, you can encounter physical problems in the body parts in which the energy path crosses  for example, if the energy runs directly across your heart and stomach, you can experience digestive problems or even heart conditions.

The worst version of this problem occurs if your feet (or head) point straight out the door. In this position, you lie in the "coffin ready to be carved out" bed position, a colorful Feng Shui metaphor alerting you to the danger; of this placement. You can apply a cure by hanging a metal wind ". Chime halfway between the door and the bed. The sound of the chime deflects the onrushing chi of the door and creates safety and relief. Also, you can hang a large crystal (60mm) by itself or in combination with the wind chime.

Selecting cures for problem bed situations

The best option is simply to place your bed in the Commanding Position. But what if his cure isn't reasonable? Maybe the builder of your house or apartment loot to cooperate with your Feng Shui goals, and you want to make the best of what's available. The following three situations, give you a good idea of common bed position problems along with cures provided here.

Curing the coffin position

Here how to perform cures to make a tough bed situation better. The bed lies in the dreaded coffin position; the incoming energy from the door can create health problems along the midline of the body and can split the relationship. Moving the bed significantly is difficult because of the closet door on the left as well as the large bay window on the right. The recommendation is hanging a faceted crystal sphere over the foot of the bed to disperse the oncoming energy from the door to protect the sleeper. Then hang a solid curtain over the smaller window behind the bed. The curtain makes the wall more solid and gives more support to the sleeper.

Fixing the exterior door

The outside door and huge window prevent positioning the bed in the Commanding Position (the upper left corner of the room.) Also, the location of the door in the Wealth Area implies the possible loss of money. The situation worsens because a car parked right outside threatens the bed and sleeper. (The closet prevents the bed from being placed in the lower left of the room.) The outside door is cured with a wind chime; the sound of the chime disperses the attacking chi and helps to retain the wealth energy within the room.
This bed position involves another problem: The energy from the bedroom door runs right across the sleeper's body and can create health problems in the torso (heart, stomach, and so on). Hang a wind chime or faceted crystal sphere over the bed to cure this problem. This cure can also be placed halfway between the room door and the bed.
Showing me the door!

Another: tough bed situation. Built-in furniture on the left side of the room prevents placing the bed in the ideal position - along the left wall. The bed can't be placed on the top wall of the room, because this position shares a wall with the toilet and sink. The remaining available position is on the bottom wall of the room, which makes the door invisible to the sleeper. The cure for this situation is simple and effective: Place a mirror on the wall across from the sleeper so the door is visible from the bed.

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