Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enlivening the Entryway into the Bedroom

The entry into the bedroom should allow a clear, straightforward path into the room. This principle applies to the pathways outside and inside the bedroom door. If the entryway — on either side of the door — is small, blocked, dark, or cluttered, problems can manifest in your health, relationship, and finances. The following cures can open up new prospects in your life and relationships.

Using a bright light to bring about good luck

A bright light is always helpful outside the entrance to the bedroom. In addition to brightening up a dark entryway, this cure can bring you good luck.

Widening the narrow path

If the entryway to the bedroom is narrow, you can hang two mirrors, one on each side of the entryway. This cure opens up energy flow into your life and stimulates creativity and lateral thinking. It can be effectively applied to the entryway either outside or inside the bedroom.

Making sure the door has a full swing

The door to the bedroom should open a minimum of 90 degrees. Anything located behind the door, hanging on the back of the door, or hanging on the wall behind the door can cause a block in your life — even if the door doesn't technically hit the items. (This principle holds true even if the door can swing open a full 180 degrees.) The cure is simple: Remove the things that come between the back of your door and the wall. If the door is blocked by a wall and can't open 90 degrees, you can hang a wind chime just inside the door to propel sufficient energy into the room.

Curing negatives seen when exiting the room

Facing a closet, bookshelf, or bathroom door when exiting your bedroom carr. frustrate your opportunities and career. If you walk out toward a closet or bookshelf, you can hang a convex mirror (the larger the better) directly ahead of you in plain sight, preferably at the eye level of the tallest person in the house. If you come out of the bedroom toward a bathroom door, the effect worsens; additional problems can include loss of money and poor health. I recommend these cures: Place a full-length mirror on the bathroom door, keep the door shut, and hang a wind chime halfway between the two doors. 

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