Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lookinq At Your Home: Front and Back

Making sense of Your Home’s Layout

You need to look at each section of your house in Feng Shui terms. Each part of your house has its own unique energy. But before you can adjust the Feng Shui of your residence, you need to find out what each area of your house represents and how the different areas relate to one another. For that the basic structure of your home's interior and how each area of your home influences you which you need to know.

You need to know how to analyze your floor plan and make the necessary Feng Shui changes. You can discover the difference between the front and back halves of your home and what fits best in each area. Next you should analyze the center of your home and find out why the center of your house is the most important area, the nucleus that energetically holds everything together. The center chi influences your health in particular and also connects to all other parts of your life. You can also see that some areas get along like compatible, friendly neighbors, and others rub each other the wrong way.

Lookinq At Your Home: Front and Back

An easy way to analyze your floor plan in terms of Feng Shui is to consider the front half and the back half of your house separately. For this exercise, you need a floor plan of your home, drawn to scale. On your plan, measure the length of the house from front to back. Then draw a line across the house from left to right, at the midpoint. For example, if your house measures 6 inches from front to back, draw a line dividing the house in half, at the 3-inch midpoint.

The front door of your house is the orientation point. Therefore, the front side of the house is the half with the front door — even if this side of the house doesn't face the road. Whatever is in front of the midline is in the front half of the house; whatever is behind the line is within the back half of the house.

You need to know which rooms are best located in the front half of your house and which are best situated in the back half.

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