Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bed room and the Octagon and doors and windows

The best shapes for bedrooms are squares or rectangles.

Positioning the Octagon on the bedroom

The Octagon is a basic Feng Shui mapping tool. The Octagon shows you which parts of your bedroom affect each of nine Life Areas. Apply the Octagon to the bedroom the same way you apply it to the yard or house.

After you position the Octagon, you can analyze your bedroom to see how the Life Areas are affected. Then you can use the cures and principles within this book to correct any defects in your bedroom Octagon or improve any of the Life Areas you want. For example, if you have a missing part in the Marriage Area of your bedroom, your marriage can experience unnecessary stresses and problems. To improve your marriage, you can perform a cure by hanging a mirror to expand the Marriage Area.

Dealing with doors and Windows in the bedroom

Ideally, the master bedroom should contain only one door (excluding closet doors) — the main entrance to the room. Multiple doors into the room lead to additional energy flows, which can distract you from rest and increase your vulnerability. These extra doors can also leak vital energy from the bedroom; consequently, they can drain your health and your money and also harm your relationship. Cures for extra doors in the bedroom are needed.

Windows provide needed natural light, but if located too close to the bed, they can be an energetic security issue as well as cause unhealthy drafts for the sleepers. If a window is positioned near your bed, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere in the window to diffuse the excess energy flows.

A bathroom door in the bedroom is a prime opportunity for you to experience energy loss in both your health and marriage. Rectify the problem by Keeping the bathroom door closed and hanging a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door.

Checking an outside door in the bedroom

An outside door in the bedroom symbolizes the frequent absence of one partner from the home as well as the possibility of divorce and loss of money. A door featuring windows only aggravates the situation; French doors are especially problematic. You can improve these doors in terms of Feng Shui by replacing them with solid ones and using the doors less often. If the door into the bedroom leads straight toward an outside door, money and marriage partners can quickly leave the site. To cure any outside door in the bedroom, hang a brass wind chime (with a sound you like) in front of the door. Also, use the door as infrequently as possible.

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