Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good rooms for the front and the back

Good rooms for the front

The energy of your home enters at the front of the house through the front door. This part of the house involves movement, career, social life, and connecting with the outer world. The front is the yang, or active part of the house. The living room, family room, and den are good rooms to have located in the front of the house; their proximity to the front door enhances both your social life and family gatherings. However, these rooms are fine to have in the back of the house as well. Some other rooms that are especially well-suited in the front area include the following:

Office: A home office that is close to the outside world and the street can assist your career and business and help keep the office energies separate from the rest of the house.

Guest bedroom: If the guest bedroom is in the front of your house, your guests won't overstay their welcome.

Child's bedroom: Putting a child's bedroom in the front of the house can help them become independent. This placement is particularly beneficial for older children.

Good rooms for the back

The back half of the house is more naturally the yin, the quiet and receptive environment, ideally suited for privacy, rest, serenity, and connecting with the family. Nourishing activities such as relaxation, family activities, and preparing and eating food should occur in this half.

Pay close attention to the positions of the key rooms of your house: the master bedroom, and the kitchen. Ideally, the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room should be located in the back half of the house. The closer either the master bedroom or the kitchen is to your front door, the more life problems you are likely to experience. A master bedroom positioned too close to the front door can result in separation or divorce. And a kitchen placed near the front door threatens your health and finances and can cause money to exit the house. Anyways there are  few simple cures to counteract negative effects if these rooms are located in the front of your house.

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