Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Projections and Missing Areas

Projections and Missing Areas

When you place the Feng Shui Octagon on any regular shape, all the life areas are somewhat evenly represented, indicating balance and harmony. However, if one or more sides of your house or lot shape is not completely even, you may have either a projection or missing area in one or more corresponding Life Areas.

Projecting Areas

The short version of this principle is that projections expand the space in the house or lot and allow more chi to circulate, resulting in better fortune in the corresponding Life Area. For example projection in the Wealth Area of your house can positively influence your financial situation. But a missing area in your house or lot shape produces the opposite effect.

Missing Areas

A missing area means proportionally less are for the all-important chi which is life-force energy to circulate or reside in any particular part of your house or lot shape. This situation implies probably negativity or lack of good fortune in the corresponding Life Area. Thus, a missing area in the Helpful People Area of your lot shape may explain why your network of supportive helpers and friends has shrunk since moving into your current residence. By the same token, a missing are in the Marriage Area can mean marital troubles or can make dating or finding the right partner difficult. Entering a blind date in a missing area is the Feng Shui equivalent of flying a small plane into the Bermuda Triangle during a hurricane!

You should diagnose these two contrary features and see what you can do to enhance the positive effects of projections and minimize or transform the negative effects of any missing areas you may have. For these you will have to consult Feng Shui Octagon section.

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