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Engaging the Power of Water

Engaging the Power of Water

In Feng Shui, water has two separate aspects: dynamic or moving and still. Each aspect holds a different energy, activity, and meaning.

Moving water brings flow

Flowing water represents flowing money, so water cures are excellent for improving your cash flow and financial circumstances. Moving water also represents social connections. Therefore, adding flowing water to your environment improves your level of personal friendships as well as your business connections. Streams, rivers, fountains, and waterfalls create dynamic water.

Choosing good areas for fountains

Fountains and waterfalls help humidify the air and create beneficial psychological effects by releasing negative ions that add soothing white noise to an area. They also make excellent additions to your landscape and can be beneficial in the following areas:

  • Near the entrance of the driveway: A fountain here can stimulate more inflow of wealth and energy.
  • Near the front entrance of the house: This position is one of the all-time best moving water cures, creating a host of life benefits.

You can also choose a spot based on the Octagon as applied to your property.

  • The Career Area: Front center sector of the property – according to the Five Element Theory the natural location for water is in the Career Area of the Octagon, so moving water is an especially potent cure.
  • The Knowledge Area: Front Left Sector – Helps create fresh, clear thoughts
  • The Family Area: Center Left sector – increases family harmony and flow
  • The Wealth Area: Back Left Sector – Attracts additional money
  • The Children Area: Center Right Sector – Stimulates increased creativity
  • The Helpful People Area: Front Right Sector – invites more folks to your aid.

Avoiding Fountains in these areas

Two areas to avoid placing either moving or still water are

  • The Fame Area: Back Center Sector – Water features in this area can cause damage to one’s reputation and name.
  • The Marriage Area: Back Right Sector – Fountains in this area can cause excess emotion in the primary partner relationship. If you have a water feature in this area, you can apply a cure by placing healthy potted plants near the water feature.

The soothing and clarifying effects of still water

Still water has dual connotations – One is increased wisdom and knowledge and the other is stored or contained wealth. Still water brings peace and serenity, and if clear, depth and clarity of mind. Still water features include ponds, lakes, and both natural and artificial pools including swimming pools.

Still water features should be kept as clear and clean as possible. Stagnant, cloudy or debris-filled water creates negative energy in any Octagon Area and corresponding Life Area of the property, which promotes confusion, unnecessary life entanglements, and shady dealings with money. If your property contains muddy water, get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

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