Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rescuing a bedroom over the garage

An increasing number of people sleep in master bedrooms located over the garage — an unfortunate Feng Shui placement for several reasons. This location separates the bedroom from the vital grounding energy of the Earth and leaves you sleeping over an energetically cold, empty space. The garage feels colder, messier, and less friendly than the rest of the home, and it drains chi and warmth from the bedroom.

Another negative influence is the car itself. The chaotic, noisy energy of the car tends to disturb the tranquility of the bedroom; in addition, exhaust fumes inevitably find their way up into the bedroom and can negatively affect the respiratory system as well as the overall health of the occupants. The solution for this design feature involves using the symbolic energy of trees to help ground and stabilize the energy of the room. Under the bedroom and inside the garage (preferably but not necessarily under the bed), paint a large tree with brown roots that appear to go down onto the garage floor and a large powerful trunk that rises up the garage wall. The branches of the tree should bear a multitude of healthy green leaves and extend far onto the garage ceiling where they can flourish into an abundance of fruits and flowers.

You can perform a variation of this cure by decorating the bedroom with the same colors as the tree. Paint the walls of the bedroom healthy shades of green and install carpet or flooring in brown or earth tone. Also, your ceiling should feature many flowers and fruits in multiple friendly colors.

Boosting the Energy of Your Home and Office

For an alternative or additional cure to the previous methods, you can place lively green plants in the bedroom to stimulate more-nourishing, living chi.

Protecting a bedroom threatened by a car

Cars that pull into an attached garage (or park directly outside of the house) and point towards the bed can subconsciously threaten the health and welfare of the sleepers. Over time, the continuous possibility that the car may come through the wall and harm the sleeper can negatively impact the sleeper's psyche.

To protect yourself in this situation, you can choose from two cure options. You can hang a large mirror facing into the room on the bedroom wall that is nearest the offending car. The mirror expands the bedroom and symbolically pushes the wall and car far away. Or you can hang a metal wind chime in the garage between the front of the car and the common wall. The chime diffuses the chi of the car and reduces the subconscious threat to the sleeper.


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