Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Solvinq front door problems

The following deviations from the ideal front door condition can be cured with properly applied energetic remedies. So carefully check your front door Feng Shui and make as many improvements as possible.

Squeaky door hinges: The Chinese say, "Squeaky doors bring hungry ghosts," meaning that a door with squealing hinges attracts real or imagined spooks. At the very least, a squeaking door is subliminally scary. (That's why it's the most common sound effect in scary movies!)

The cure: This seemingly small cure of oiling a squeaky hinge can make a big difference. The same principle applies to all doors: front, side, bedroom, closet, cabinet, and others.

A window in the front door: The front door protects your home. The ideal front door is solid and without windows. Front doors with windows in them are energetically, not to mention physically, weaker. They can be easily broken into and thus create vulnerabilities in your home's energy field. The best cure is to install a new solid door without windows. In some cases a highly skilled craftsman can create a solid piece of wood that fits the door. Another solution is to cover the window with cloth or a blind or curtain that matches the color of the door, making it look complete from the street (or you can use the Feng Shui power color: red). Even if you rely on this window for light, a solid door is still energetically better for your house and for you. Visualize protection and solidity when you perform this cure, and reinforce it with the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

Door swings closed or drifts open by it (unaided): A front door that swings closed automatically shuts out money and keeps people from coming to you. A door that drifts open on its own allows energy to leak out of the house and invites unwanted people in. The cure for both is the same: Get a carpenter to re-hang or re-plumb the door so that it stands still wherever you put it.

Door doesn't fit right in doorframe and/or is loose on its hinges: This awkward door situation creates confusion, mental blocks, and aggravation. The cure is to hire a finish carpenter or door hanging expert. The door may need to be refrained, replaced, or both, this cure really works!

Door doesn't dose, latch, or stay closed on the first attempt, or latch sticks on strike plate, and anything similar: These problems create subtle life blocks, making it difficult to complete things and keep them complete. Seemingly finalized deals can tend to pop out or come undone. To cure, replace or repair the strike plate and/or latch.

Dead/unused locks still on door, or door handle is loose. These problems symbolize difficulty getting a grip in life, having weak energy, or hanging on to old and useless things in life. The cure involves repairing the door handle and removing or replacing outmoded lock fixtures.

Door scrapes on floor. A scraping door obstructs or drags on your income and freedom. The ideal door swings freely at least 90 degrees'' without hindrances. This principle holds even if what scrapes on the floor is the insulator strip (to keep cold air out) on the bottom of the door. Because most thresholds sit an inch above floor level, the rubber insulation strip shouldn't scrape on your carpet or foyer floor. Plane or shave the bottom of the door so that it swings free to cure this problem.

Door is broken, worn, warped, or dilapidated, paint is peeling, and so on: Replacing an old door can cure this situation! Here's the skinny: Dilapidated doors symbolize dilapidated lives. The front door represents' the house, and the house represents your life. Ergo, a worn down front door can subconsciously influence you to feel (and maybe become) worn down as well. Fixing this right up can fix you right up, and a more worthy cure proves hard to find.

Changing your luck with front door colors

Door colors on most houses are white or a color that matches the house. These color choices are generally fine. However, you can boost your front door chi if you wish by painting it a particular color. The colors with the strongest energetic effects include:

Bright red: This classic Feng Shui door color is said to confer power, protection, luck, and a sense of royalty to the house and its occupants. This cure is known in Feng Shui circles by the term "lucky red door."

Green: This color is another excellent choice, symbolizing life, health, and money.

Black: Black is a fine color for a front door and is especially good if your front door is in the center, which represents career. Black symbolizes water, which equals money. 

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