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Curing Missing Areas

Curing Missing Areas

If your house or lot includes a missing area, this area can crate problems in the corresponding Life Area of your Feng Shui Octagon. For example, a missing area in the Children Area of your lot or house can contribute to one or more of the following effects depending on your particular life circumstances.

ü      Problems conceiving or bearing children
ü      Health difficulties with the children in your household
ü      Communication difficulties or a lacking feeling of creative energy or inspiration

Similar types of problems can arise for any Life area associated with a missing area. A missing area can hold you back from realizing your full potential in its corresponding Life Area. So you need to minimize or counterbalance any negative effects and to positively influence situation in that particular Life Area.

There are two cure options for missing areas in your houses: interior – inside the house cures and exterior – outside the house cures. Generally, exterior cures are a bit stronger than interior cures. Bus the ones that work the best for your overall situation.

Exterior solutions for missing house areas

The exterior cure for a missing area symbolically completes the area that is missing. Determine the spot where the corner would be if the house were complete. This point is the one you want to activate with your cure. The principle is that, by placing your cure here, you symbolically fill in the whole area. Thus, you restore energy to the structure and, more importantly, to the Life Area in need. You can activate the magic spot by performing one or more of the following cures:

ü      Place a bright light on a tall pole at the indicated corner. The light should point towards the house generally at a 45-degree angle and shine at the roof if possible. The taller the light, the better, although a light of any height is better than no light at all. The chi of the light fills the missing area, creating energy where a void once reigned.

The light does not need to shine all the time, especially if it can bother your neighbors. Bothering neighbors is bad Feng Shui. But the light does need to be in good working order for the cure to be effective.
ü      Place a flagpole rather than a light at the indicated corner. This cure serves to uplift the chi and complete the area. If you wish, you can choose a flag with the color scheme of the associated Octagon area as an extra additional cure. Otherwise, a green flag is generally effective, because green symbolizes life, healing and energy.
ü      Position a smooth heavy rock, boulder, or statue at the corner. The health heft and solidity bring energetic weight to the area to fill the gap. Size is important in this situation, and bigger is generally better.
ü      Plant a heathy tree or large plant or bush at the corner spot. Or you can fill the area with flowers the colors of the missing Octagon Area. For example, planting white flowers in the Children Area can do the trick.

You can mix and match any of the previous solutions and apply more than one at the same time for an additional punch. For example, a large stone at the corner area combined with a patch of appropriately colored flowers suits your fancy.

Interior solutions for missing house areas

You can choose from two main options for correcting a missing area inside the house. One option is to remodel the house and fill in the missing area. This cure can be the most effective cure. But unless you are a professional contractor with lots of free time or have piles of cash to spare, remodeling may not be the most practical option. Plus, remodeling tends to disrupt the household, can take two to three times longer than planned, and costs 20 to 30 percent more than you imagined.

The second choice – easier, faster, and cheaper – is to complete the missing area by performing an energetic cure, rather than a structural modification. The energy solutions are quite effective, even though you have not moved any of the walls in the house.

You can choose from several effective interior cures such as the following:

ü      Line one wall – good or both walls – better with sizeable mirrors to energetically expand the area to make up for the defect.
ü      Hang a wind chime or large faceted crystal sphere – 2 inches in diameter or larger right at the interior corner. As with many Feng Shui cures, use a red ribbon cut to a multiple of 9 inches for the greatest results.
ü      Position an odd number – a bit stronger than using an even number of healthy new green plants along the two walls of the missing area. The vital, living chi of the plants attracts the energy to the space and helps compensate for the missing area.

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