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Shapes in Feng Shui

Shapes in Feng Shui

Shape is one of the most influential factors in Feng Shui. The shapes of our personal environments affect us energetically and psychologically, consciously and unconsciously. The shapes of particular living environments include the outlines of the house and lot, the elevation of the house, and the contours of the land. These key aspects largely determine how the energies flow within our personal living environment.

The shapes of your house and lot are important. Whether positive or negative, these shapes strongly influence your immediate experience and your long-term destiny. You may have a perfectly shaped house and irregularly shaped lot, or vice versa. This situation can enhance certain life areas and hinder others. The trick of Feng Shui is to discern which areas may be holding back energetically so you can cure them.

Discovering what shapes mean to you

Two of the most important Feng Shui factors in your environment are the shapes and sizes of your lot and your house. These factors directly influence the boundaries of the space and determine key Feng Shui characteristics, including placement and orientation. Room shapes and sizes also impact your chi and the energy flows in your house, though interior spaces tend to be more uniform and standardized.

These overall shapes lot and house influence general life factors such as the ease or difficulty of life, the presence or lack of obstacles, good fortunes or bad, and health or the lack of the same. The same general principles apply to the shapes of both houses and lots; the difference is the cures that are applied to correct the problems.

The shapes you inhabit mold your actions, feelings, and daily life path. Shapes determine energy flow and represent important symbol that act continuously on the subconscious mind.

Defects in the shape of your house affect you more than defects in the shape of your lot. This condition is due to the principle of proximity, meaning that the house is closer to you than is the perimeter of the lot, and therefore, the shape of your house affects you more profoundly and immediately but both are important.

The same principle applies for apartment dwellers. According to the Theory of Relative Positioning, the shape of our apartment is more important than the shape of the lot your apartment building stands on or of the building itself. Plus, the shape of your apartment is something you can energetically alter with Feng Shui; you can not change the shape of your entire apartment building and its lot – unless, of course, you own them.

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