Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clearing the Way for Natural Chi

Nature (trees, grass, air, sun, water, and so on) feeds us through its abundant chi. Lush, full, or verdant landscapes - oceans, forests, and jungles — are virtual reservoirs of chi.

Yet most people spend most of their hours indoors and so tend to be chronically chi-deficient. The rejuvenated, revitalized, and uplifted feelings you experience after spending a few hours (or days) out in nature were once the common human state. Humans felt so refreshed because chi, nature's energy, is the purest food that exists.

The house is a container for chi. The front door (main front entrance, or Mouth of Chi) is the main entry point for the chi. One Feng Shui master states that 80 percent of our access to natural chi is cut off once you go inside a house. The house insulates you from the outside chi, which your body continuously needs.

The purpose of Feng Shui cures is to overcome this unfortunate liability by introducing more of this vital natural energy into your home.

Ask yourself these three questions about the energy that comes into your home via the front door:
  •     Is enough energy (chi) coming in? The amount and quality of energy is largely determined by the condition of your front door and entryway. If the front door and entry are clear, open, and easy to access, chi can enter in high quantity and positive quality. If the front door is hidden, dark, or cluttered (generally negative factors) chi flow can be drastically reduced, symbolically starving the house and its residents of greatly needed energy.
  •      Is the energy positive? This answer depends on the quality and condition of the chi as it enters and circulates through the home. If the chi is positive (healthy and beneficial), the energy is smooth, harmonious, balanced, strong, and lively. Negative chi is congested, stuck, blocked, conflicting, piercing, depressing, leaking, and so on.
  •      Is energy circulating completely through the home? The circulation depends on the smoothness and flow of the floor plan, shapes of rooms, and connecting elements throughout the home. If rooms lie in positive locations, the hallways and stairs conduct chi easily, and the layout is energetically balanced, among other factors, the chi flow assists the residents. If the opposite conditions prevail, you can lead a harried, frustrated life.

These three questions illustrate the prime importance Feng Shui places on the front door and how it allows energy to enter your home. The front door is a vital point in every home.

Your view of the front facade (first impression of the house) and your view looking out from the front door (first impression of the outer world) has a profound impact on you. But the path that leads to and from your front door is of equal importance. The path to your front door symbolizes your path in life, your comings and goings in the world. Also, the degree of ease or difficulty with which you can enter your house affects the way in which energy enters your life. To the degree that the path to your home is cluttered, or awkward, the energy coming into the house can be hindered, negatively influencing your finances, vitality, and career.

If you have the slightest feeling that an object near your door may be blocking your entry, it probably is. (Trust your feelings!) Test this situation by moving the object. How do you feel now? Less crowded or cramped? Do you breathe easier? If so, moving the object is probably good Feng Shui. And if you feel an immediate improvement, the energetic effect is clearly positive and can benefit you energetically over time. You can use this simple method to test the validity of almost any Feng Shui solution you implement.

Each residence has only one main door; all others are secondary - side, back, garage, patio doors, and so on. The main door is the chief energy entry point of a house, even if you enter more frequently by another door. Even if the front door is unused, this door is still considered the main door. The only way the front door ceases to be the main door is if you remove it completely and finish the wall. 

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