Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Solvinq the hidden front door dilemma

Generally, the front door should be visible from the street for maximum energy flow. Hidden front door is a Feng Shui term describing a front door that can't be seen from the street, is recessed, is dark or in shadow, directly faces a hill, or is otherwise obscured.
If you have a hidden front door, you may find that moving ahead, receiving opportunities or income, and even selling the home can be very difficult From the opposite point of view, if you can't see the street from your front door, your career can be energetically hindered, whether you work at home or out in the world. (This effect is minimized or nullified if you live on a very large estate, where the house is a long distance from the main street In this case, ideally the main drive will be visible from the front door.)

Two cures for hidden front door problems are as follows:

If possible, mount a convex safety mirror (the kind used In parking ramps to see around corners) that allows you to see the door when approaching the house and to clearly see the street from the front door The larger the mirror, the stronger the cure. If the mirror is too small or incorrectly angled to see the approach clearly, the cure will not be highly effective. You should use a mirror at least 18 inches in diameter.

Line the path from the street to your door with lights or plants. This cure guides the chi right up to the door.

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