Saturday, December 8, 2012

roof ridges and high up or low down

Living high up or low down

Your positioning vis-à-vis the road is also important. The general Feng Shui rule state that your house is better positioned above the road rather than below the road. If you live in a house placed below the road, you may find your career and other life areas blocked by various obstacles. If you live below the road rising each day to go to work may require extra effort. Also you may subconsciously feel below the action – sensing that others are carrying on at a higher level than you – making life unnecessarily difficult.

The cure for the house-below-the-road syndrome is to place a bright light behind the house shining up towards the roof. You can also uplift the house by placing a flagpole, antenna, or weathervane on the roof to raise the height of the house above the road. Or you can install bright lights on top of the house that shine upward to uplift the energy of the house and improve your overall situation. This cure is more effective if you put an upward shining light on each corner of the roof. The lights don’t need to be on at all times, but must be in good working condition to be effective.

In addition, you can also energize the driveway to symbolically reach the street easier. Line the sides of the drive with lights, colorful flags, or wind-socks. The energy of light and motion make it easier for you to get up to the street, an important factor for career success.

Diffusing projecting roof ridges

A neighbor’s roof ridge pointing toward the front of your house, and in particular toward your front door, can project piercing energy. This situation can bode ill for your future.

One particular solution includes a wind chime between your front door and neighbor’s roof ridge. Use a red ribbon or cord cut to a multiple of 9 inches in length to hang the chime. Make sure the chime is made of metal and has a pleasant, ringing sound. The power of sound disperses the invisible but harmful poison arrows of energy.

For particularly threatening circumstances, hang a Ba-Gua mirror with a convex mirror in the center above your front door on the outside of your house. The mirror protects you not only from the roof ridge but also from negative persons, events, and threats, and allows only positive and helpful energies to enter your home.

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