Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mouth of Chi

The entry is the first energetic impression that your home makes on you and anyone who comes to see you. And the first impression is important. you can create the best possible first impression and invite maximum energy and good feeling into your home. This way you may get desired improvements in important areas of your life.

Front Door and Foyer

Feng Shui considers the front door and entry to be the most important points in your home environment. The approach and entry determine the amount and quality of energy that flows into the home, and whether this energy nourishes or depletes the house, thereby helping or hindering the aspirations of the residents. A smooth, grand, open entry and approach supports free- flowing prosperity and vitality. Conversely, a convoluted or difficult approach can create corresponding unpleasant effects in various parts of your life.
The front door is the first and foremost of the three Life Pillars. The Life Pillars provide fundamental energies to the home and its residents, so focusing your attention on the condition of your front door is important.

The energy of the entry is mediated by the approach to the door, the entryway itself, the physical door and doorway, and the first room or thing you see upon stepping inside. The front door, the controlling point of the house's energy, is a crucial and most important point. Seemingly minor flaws at your front door can affect you negatively, while improvements made at the entry can significantly impact your life in positive ways.

Your entryway should be open, inviting, attractive, and look and feel positive. As you clear your entryway of blocks and activate its chi, you may notice more energy flowing into your life, obstacles melting, and opportunities knocking on your door (in more ways than one). An entryway that is gloomy, dark, overrun, or difficult to approach has subtle, and in some cases pro- found, negative effects on your life, including diminished opportunities, constriction of your cash flow, difficulties in making important contacts, and others.
If you think of the house as a body, then the front door would be considered the mouth, the point where energy enters to nourish the body. Of course, additional energy comes in through the other doors and the windows, and some natural energy enters through the walls, floors, and roof. But the major source of energy in the home is the Mouth of Chi, your front door. If a door is physically or energetically blocked, the house is metaphorically starved and suffocated, which creates problems in your life.

If the only place in your home you improve is the entry, you're still way ahead of the game. Something good, perhaps very good, may come of your improved door. Try it and see. No matter how fabulous the interior of your home is, if the approach, entry, and/or front door are problematic, you can see corresponding life effects. The fixes are quite easy compared to the inconveniences an improper entry can generate.

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