Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Curing Opposing Doors

Doorways of any two of these rooms — the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom — should not face each other. You should be aware of the potential pitfalls and cures for incompatible doors.

A bathroom opposite the master bedroom or kitchen

A bathroom door across from the bedroom door or kitchen entryway can stimulate stomach and intestinal problems or can result in depressed or negative states of mind. The situation worsens if the bathroom door is inside the kitchen or bedroom or if the bathroom door facing the kitchen is larger than the kitchen door. And if you can see the toilet from either the cook's standing position or the bed. For any of these situations, you can apply the following cure package:

Always keep the bathroom door closed: Very easy, basic, and foolproof.

Install a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. This cure works only if you keep the bathroom door closed.

Hang a faceted crystal sphere midway between the two opposing doors. Bathrooms inside of bedrooms have their own Feng Shul issues

Kitchen opposite a bedroom

Potential problems abound when the kitchen door directly opposes the bedroom door. Because you must always head toward the kitchen as you leave the bedroom, the sight of the kitchen influences you to overeat. Consequences include weight gain and digestive problems. Also, the fiery chi of, the stove can overheat the marriage or relationship, creating arguments and discord. If you can see the stove from the bedroom, the problems get worse.

You can disperse these conflicting energies by hanging a wind chime halfway and directly between the bed and the stove. The healing sounds and energy of the wind chime diffuse and harmonize the energies, creating peace and abundance. As an alternative cure, you can place healthy new green plants on either side of the doorway.

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