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Curing multiple bedroom layout issues

This section demonstrates how you can apply cures to the entire bedroom at once. Rooms with several issues to demonstrate how multiple cures can work together in a room. Keep this tip in mind: You don't necessarily need to perform all the cures in this section to have good Feng Shui in your bedroom (although you may choose to do more cures!). Some rooms have great Feng Shui without adding any cures. The key is to be practical: Apply the cures that fit your needs.

Curing an oddly shaped bedroom

The following list describes the problems of oddly and irregularly shaped bedrooms as well as practical cures to remedy each situation.

An oddly shaped room: This room shape can create confusion and stagnation, sleeping issues, and marriage problems. To cure the odd shape, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere or wind chime from the center of the room.

An angled wall in Marriage Area: This problem can provoke arguments. You can cure this situation by putting a light on one end of the angled wall and a plant on the other.

A pointed wall corner that juts towards the bed: This condition can project threatening, arrow-like energy towards the legs and feet of the sleepers. To cure, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere directly in front of the projecting corner.

A large window on the left wall and an exterior sliding glass door on the top wall: This situation can cause excess chi to enter and leave the room. These factors can create a psychological lack of safety and protection for the sleepers. To harmonize these energy flows, hang a faceted crystal sphere at the midpoint between the window and exterior door.

A fireplace in the bedroom: A fireplace can burn up the energy of the marriage, leading to exhaustion and strain. Cure it by placing a potted plant in front of the fireplace to cover its opening and refrain from lighting fires.

A closet door that hits the main door of the room: Two doors hitting each other causes clashing doors, which can lead to arguments and personality clashes among the occupants. To cure this problem, hang two bright red drapery tassels, one on each doorknob, on the common sides of the doors.

A narrow entrance into a bedroom: This tight spot can harm your career and prospects. Cure this problem by hanging a wind chime over the entrance inside the bedroom.

A door not visible from the sleeping position: This situation makes succeeding in many areas of life difficult. Cure it by placing a wall or standing a mirror across from the bed that clearly shows the door.

Curing a bedroom with a blocked entrance, skylight, or beam

The following bedroom positions make entry difficult and can create health challenges.

Blocked entrance: The closet wall provides only a small area to move forward as you enter. This constriction makes it difficult for energy and people to enter — and exit — the bedroom. Results can include blocked feelings in life, frequent absence from home (or sleeping alone for months on end), and difficulty finding a relationship. Cure this situation by placing a full-length mirror on the wall facing the doorway. This cure expands the entrance and draws additional energy into the room.

Beam over the bed: A beam causes constriction and pressure on the sleepers; in this case, the heart. You can hang two Feng Shui flutes at 45-degree angles, one on either end of the beam. This cure relieves the pressure of the beam and creates better fortune in the Health and Marriage Areas of life. An alternative cure for this problem is to move the bed so the head of the bed is in the Children Area.

Skylight over the bed: A positive aspect of a skylight is that it adds light to the room. On the other hand, a skylight situated over the bed can threaten the sleeper. To cure this problem, you can hang a faceted crystal sphere from the skylight. For best results, hang the sphere using a ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches in length.

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