Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Entering regularly other than through the front door

Entering regularly other than through the front door

Using a garage door as a regular entry can negatively affect your life depending on conditions in the garage. A garage that is cold, unpleasant smelling, or messy creates corresponding effects in your life. If the garage door leads directly into the kitchen, a double problem exists. Fumes and noxious chi from the garage follow you into the kitchen and can negatively affect the kitchen's energy and, in turn, the food and your health. To perform a cure, you can always park outside and use the front door.

If this proves unlikely, you can hang a pleasant sounding wind chime (using a red ribbon) from the ceiling in the garage directly in front of the entryway to the house. The sound of the chime can act as an energy filter, helping to disperse the negative chi from the garage.

Entering the garage into a laundry room can also negatively affect your health. To cure this situation, Recommendation is keeping the laundry room clean or entering through another door.

Two separate doors on front of house

Two separate doors on the front of a house are a major source of confusion. A second door detracts energetically' from the main entry and can cause career blocks, confusion, and other difficulties. To cure the situation, if possible use the originally intended front door to enter and exit. Mark the chosen front door with the house number and place plants on each side of it to attract energy. Hide the second door with a large potted plant and don't use the door.

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