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Fixing Irregular House Shapes

Fixing Irregular House Shapes

The reality is that most people don't live in perfectly shaped houses. If your house fits such shapes, you can balance the shape with the proper feng shui cure.

L shapes and boot shapes

An L-shaped house or lot is missing one-fourth of an area. An L-shaped house can negatively affect one Life Area greatly and negatively affect the three rather Life Areas to a lesser degree. The suggested exterior cure for an L-shaped house is to place a tall spotlight or flagpole (for both: the taller, the better) where the corner would be if the house were a complete shape. The spotlight should shine towards the roof of the house. This cure serves to balance and complete the shape of the house and provides the area with additional energy. You can also place a water feature at the location where the corner would be if the house was complete.

Suppose you live in an L-shaped apartment or, for some reason, can't apply an outside cure to your L-shaped house, interior cures can set you straight. Place mirrors at points along the walls of the missing area to energetically complete it. In addition, you can place a bright light or a faceted crystal sphere at the interior missing corner point to strengthen the area.

The boot shape

similar to the L-shape, can also kick up trouble. A door, bed, or stove located at the ball or toe of the boot can cramp your style. Results can prove harmful to your health, relationships, and finances. The cure for this situation is to move the door, bed, or stove away from the danger zone. (Moving the door means creating a new front door in a better position.) If implementing this option is not impossible.

The mirror solution can be the best for it.The mirror pulls the door, bed, or stove away from eve the pressure. A good exterior cur to balance the boot shape is to place a pool of water at the point where the corner would be complete.

Cleaver Shapes

a Chinese cleaver - can have unfortunate effects if the stove the front door or the bed is placed along the cutting edge. This placement can lead to fortunes being cut or lacerations of the body. Accidents involving visible blood are possible. To apply a cure for this situation, you can move the stove, bed, or front door away from the cutting edge. For example the bed can be moved to another wall of the bedroom that is not the cutting Wall.

Place a mirror in line with the stove, door, or bed. The mirror pulls the stove away from the cleaver's sharp edge. This solution can dramatically remove any negative effects from the unfortunate placement.

One tricky cure for cleaver-shaped house is to place the main entrance in the end of the cleaver's handle. This way, you can control plenty of active energy and can use cleaver shape to your advantage.

Dustpan and Money-purse lot shapes

Your cleaning habits aside, you may be living in a dustpan if your house or lot shaped like that. The dustpan shape can attract chaotic or negative energy. Likewise, the money-purse shape is not completely ideal, though it is far better for attracting money to the site. Of these money-purse ranks more preferable than a dustpan. However, shapes are awkward, because each shape has two slanted sides.

One cure for dustpan lot is to change the entrance to the other side so the shape looks like money purse. This way, although the front of the lot is pinched, it widens at the back and symbolically holds wealth energy. If moving the entrance is not feasible, you can place spotlights or flagpoles featuring green flags (for either solution, taller is better) in the corners.
To further empower the money-purse shape, place lights in the front lot corners, shining forward the house.

Triangular Shapes

Triangular shapes, though great for pyramids, are lousy for houses and lots. The sharp corners and angled sides promote conflicts and accidents in the household. Effect is negative, because the path away from the front door leads to a vanishing point in the lot, indicates diminishing future. if your house and lot have this shape, you need to cure such shapes:
  • Place the cures in each corner of the triangle. Cure items include plants, Bushes, or trees.
  • Place a bright shining light inward or a flag on a tall pole at the vanishing point.
  • Place flagpoles of the three corners. The most effective flagpoles are tall ones bearing green flags.

Angled lot side

If one of your lot is angled, unbalanced living can result. You can cure this by planting healthy plants or bushes along the angled side, infusing this area with living and healthy chi.

Multi-corner and oddly shaped lots

an odd number of corners (or any number greater than four) and slanted sides are negative conditions for a lot or house, because they can result in fusion and imbalance. These shapes are common in, but not limited to, cul-de-sacs. A recommended cure is to place spotlights or green flags on flagpoles at each corner of the lot or house exterior. This cure balances the energy of the lot, promoting harmony, cohesion, and forward progress for the residents.

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