Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Curing troublesome central areas

Three rooms create problems in the center: the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. The bathroom drains the vital energy of the center, harming everything at once. On the other hand, a bedroom in the center poses a problem because the powerful energies of the center threaten the peace and safety of the bed. A kitchen in the center creates trouble; the strong, fiery chi of the stove adds too much intensity to the already highly active center area, so health can take a beating. Of course, building a fully compatible Feng Shui dream house may not be an option for you. So you may have some easy-to-follow cures to calm the pesky negative energies.

Curing a bathroom in the center

According to Feng Shui, a bathroom in the center of the house can induce multiple adverse life effects. Bathrooms symbolize draining and loss - energy going down the drain. So a central bathroom can generate negative health, loss of money, and general life troubles.

For this situation, don’t worry there are two cures, one for the exterior and one for the interior of the bathroom. First add a full-length mirror on the outside of the door and keep it closed.

The second cure is to fully mirror all four interior walls of the bathroom. The four-mirrored-walls solution powerfully transforms the negative influence of a
4 central bathroom. (An added bonus — you'll never feel lonely on the toilet again!) As with all cures, strongly visualize that your desired life results are materializing while you perform the cure.

If mirroring the walls isn't possible, an alternate cure is to hang four Feng Shui flutes in the bathroom. Hang the bamboo flutes vertically, one in each corner of the bathroom. Make sure that the short sections of your flutes are toward the floor and the longer sections are nearer the ceiling. The top of each flute should hang at least at eye level or higher with the tallest person in the house.

The master bedroom

A master bedroom in the center of the house can generate havoc and confusion. The center's active, vital energies can disturb your sleep, peace of mind, marriage, and wealth. Solution is: The mirror solution, works dandy to help a centrally positioned master bedroom. Simply place the mirror in the back of the house directly in line with the bed. Visualize that the bed has been pulled back to a position of safety.

If you can't perform this cure, you can hang a wind chime in the center of the bedroom to calm and harmonize the room's energy. This cure performs a tad less powerfully than the mirror cure but substantially improves the situation.

A kitchen

Located in the center of the home can lead to accidents, major health problems, or even fires in the home. The mirror-pulling cure works wonders in this situation. For an alternative cure, you can hang a large faceted crystal sphere (2 inches or larger) above the cook's standing position at the stove or in the center of the kitchen. The sphere harmonizes and balances the chi of the stove and the center, creating better luck and health. Also make sure the rest of the kitchen follows Feng Shui principles

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase acts like a corkscrew boring down into the earth. Downward spiraling energy in the center of your home can provoke a downward trend in your finances, health, and life fortunes. The antidote is to create upward, rising chi, so an appropriate cure is one that draws energy upward. For that, there are two solutions. You can wrap a realistic green silk vine around the banister from the bottom to the top. You can also draw the energy upward by hanging a faceted crystal sphere from the ceiling above the center of the staircase. For a double-whammy cure, apply both solutions at once. 

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