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Revealing the Secrets of the Three Secrets Reinforcement

Revealing the Secrets of the Three Secrets Reinforcement


One of the most power technique taught by Grand-master Lin Yun is the Three Secrets Reinforcement. The Three Secrets Reinforcement is the second, vitalizing half of each cure you perform and is the key enhancing technique for creating effective, successful cures.

Grand-master Lin says "If you do your cures without using the Three Secrets Reinforcement, your results are likely to be weak. If you do your cures with the Three Secrets Reinforcement, your results will be very strong."

In Grand-master Lin Yun's Feng Shui school, every cure involves two parts. First, each of your cures includes visible elements - the changes you make in your physical environment. Second, they contain invisible or spiritual elements - your energy, intentions, desires, and goals.

The physical portion of the cure is the physical change you perform in your environment: hanging a wind chime, moving the bed, and so on. However, the physical part of the cure gives only a fraction of the cure's effectiveness. The invisible part of the cure - strengthened by the Three Secrets Reinforcement - uses and focuses your intention to turbocharge the energy of the physical change. In fact, the invisible part of the cure contributes more to the cure's overall strength than the physical part does, so including the Reinforcement in each cure you perform pays off.

Both parts of the cure, however, are essential for full success, and combining them is the best method of all. You can call combining both parts the letter and the spirit of Feng Shui. Both parts hold value in their own right, and together they form an unbeatable combination.

The Three Secrets Reinforcement adds the power of body, mind, and speech actions to the physical Feng Shui adjustments of your environment. The three elements of the Reinforcement are called the Body Secret, the Speech Secret, and the Mind Secret. Each element engages a different parts of your bodymind system and channels its unique power into the Reinforcement.

The Body Secret


The Body Secret uses a mudra, a spiritual hand gesture, position, or action that aligns theenergy of your body to help create the desired energetic effect. Hand gestures have both a symbolic as well as an energetic value.

When applying the Body Secret in your Reinforcements, feel free to use a hand gesture form your personal spiritual tradition or any other gesture that feels comfortable and effective for you.

·                     The Expelling or Ousting Mudra: The most often recommended for the Three Secrets Reinforcement, this mudra is performed by pointing the first and pinky fingers straight up and then holding the middle and ring fingers against your palm with your thumb. Then repeatedly flick the middle and ring fingers out from the palm. Repeat the flicking motion nine times. This creates wonderful blessings by removing obstacles from your life. women use their right hand for this mudra; men their left hand.
·                     The Heart-Calming Mudra: This mudra invokes peace, calm, and contentment. Perform the Heart-Calming Mudra by placing your left hand on top of your right, with palms facing up and the tips of your thumbs touching.
·                     The Blessing Mudra: Bringing blessing, saftey, and good luck, this mudra is physically the trickiest of the lot. To perform the blessing Mudra, imitate the hand position. Here are some pointers: Start with your palms up. Cross the little fingers, The thumbs hold down the tips of the crossed little fingers; the ring fingers stand straight up and side by side; and index figures curl over and hold down the tips of the crossed middle fingers.
·                     The Prayer Mudra: Other Sacred gestures that are effective in your Reinforcements include the Prayer Mudra - palms together or any other meditative or spiritual hand position that has personal meaning or simply feels good to you. If you don't practice a religion, you can create your own hand gesture or position or simply stand or sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable, balanced position until you feel a sense of clarity and calm.
Don't worry about picking the right mudra. You will not get the bad results for the wrong process. You simply need to choose a mudra you like for each Reinforcement that you perform. Any one you choose that feels right can work for any cure that you do. 

The power of the spoken word

The speech Secret utilizes sacred words and sounds to enhance cures. All sounds and words have power, and sacred words have the most power of all. Sacred words are ancient containers of spiritual vibrations, meanings, and intentions made potent through ceremonial use over time. If you are wondering how spoken words can possibly affect your cures, think of how hearing a four-letter curse word can affect your mind and your emotions and consider how other words can soothe, reassure, and calm turbulent emotions and distress.

The sounds used in the Three Secrets Reinforcement are called mantras scared words of power. To perform the Speech Secret step of the Reinforcement, repeat aloud your mantra or prayer nine times.

Scared speech is nto the same as affirmations or repeating sentences stating your desire. Affirmations are good to use, but mantras used in the method can be more effective. Correctly used, a mantra or prayer uses sounds or words to take you beyond the conscious mind and connect you to your spirit, where the majority of your power resides.

·                     The Six True Words: The Scared speech that usually accompanies the Three Secrets Reinforcement is the Six True Words: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum - pronounced ohm-mah-nee-pahd-mee-hum. The Six True words is also called the Mantra of Compassion. This mantra has the power to improve luck, uplift your mind, correct negative thoughts, enhance wealth and prosperity, and help you perform better in your daily life.
·                     The Heart-Calming Mantra: The beneficial effects of this mantra include creating peace and calm, invoking feelings of ease and contentment, and releasing fears and anxieties. The Heart-Calming Mantra has four lines to recite:
1.                  Gate gate -pronouncing -- gahtah-gha-tay
2.                  Para gate - pronouncing -- pair-uh gah-tay
3.                  Para sum gate - pronouncing -- pair-uh sum gah-tay
4.                  Bodhi swaha - pronouncing -- boh-dee swa-ha
Feel free to use mantras, prayers or chants from other spiritual traditions for our Three Secrets Reinforcements. Repeat the one you select nine times when performing the Reinforcement. 

See the Result to receive it


The Mind secret involves visualization, seeing the results of your cures before they happen. Thousands of books emphasize the power of visualization - an effective method for invoking beneficial changes in your life.

Visualization is used by professionals of all types including business people, top athletes, and even astronauts to help them dissolve limitations, see results before they happen in order to make them happen, and excel in their chosen fields.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are continuously creating your future with mental visualization, so you may as well start using it your advantage.

Visualization is the part of the Reinforcement in which you mentally see your desire - your motivation for performing the cure - coming true. In this step, you visualize concrete and realistic detail the events, conditions, and scenes that you desire in your life. The more powerful and intense your mental picture are, the better and more effective your cures can be. But for some of you who may have difficulty visualizing clear mental images, don't worry. All you need to do is to imagine and feel or mentally hear the desire results and the effect is the same. The present energetic imagining of the future desired result is what does the trick.

To illustrate, if you want greater wealth, visualize or imagine your future wealth and things you can enjoy with wealth flowing into your life. The pictures, feelings, or imaginings should be moving, involving, and exciting. If you want a new relationship, visualize yourself together and happy with your new and right partner. Imagine what you want with such intensity, as if your desire is already happening in your life.

Keys to effective visualization


The Two important principles are taught in Grand-master Lin Yun's Feng Shui school to increase the power of your visualizations.

·                     A master key to effective visualization is detail: See your desired goal occurring in as much detail as possible. Detailed visualization directs the subconscious mind, the chi, the universe, and your own belief system to create the life scenarios you desire. Involve other senses internally for even more oomph. For instance, if a new car is your goal, you can visualize the model, the color, the year, the sleek design, and the details of the instrument panel. You can feel the leather grain of the seat, hear the purr of the engine as you see yourself driving to your office and smell the new car scent.
·                     See in your mind's eye that your desired life situation occurs in three stages of development. New things in life don't often drop out of the sky the moment you ask for them. Most things in life have a beginning, a middle, and an end. So that you see your desired results happen in the same manner. This three-stage visualization method imitates life's natural progression by setting up a path of energetic expectation in the subconscious mind that leads you into the new life situation you desire. For example, say that you want to buy a new car.
1.                  See the initial circumstances that lead to what you want. You are at the dealership checking out and test-driving the car you really want.
2.                  Visualize the development phase of the process. You acquire the down payment and sign the loan papers for the car. The whole process is smooth and enjoyable.
3.                  See the wonderful completion of your goal. The payoff, the dream, the victory. You are roaring down the freeway with car on your license plate. 

Performing cures with the Reinforcement


You can now perform the entire cure by including the physical aspect and applying the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

First you an physically change your environment for example hang a crystal, move the bed, or make whatever you change. Now do the Three Secrets Reinforcement to empower the physical part of the cure in three easy steps:

1.                  Perform the Body Secret: Hold the mudra of your choice.
2.                  Perform the Speech Secret: While holding the Mudra, repeat the mantra of your choice nine times.
3.                  Perform the Mind Secret: Visualize your intended desire transpiring in as much detail as possible.

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