Friday, December 7, 2012

sloping and one-way, streets, dead-end street

Slowing the energy of sloping and one-way, streets

Living on a sloping or one-way street can create two energetic problems. Generally, energy tends to move faster on these streets, sometimes too fast for ideal Feng Shui conditions. First, energy can pass through the street too rapidly to enter and nourish the property and, therefore, deprive the residents of desperately needed chi. Second; the rapidly flowing chi can rob or strip away vital energy from your yard and life. The effect of these factors is that your career, opportunities, and your health can suffer.

Because the front of your lot – the part nearest the street corresponds to the Life Ares of Helpful People/Travel, Career, and Knowledge, rushing the street energy can create unfortunate results in these areas. The solution is to slow down the street energy at your property and absorb some of its force for your own benefit. For an easy cure, you can plant bushes along the front property line.

Another cure that works wonders for slowing the chi of a slopping or one-way street is a strong exterior fountain. You can place it in the Career Area of your property or near the mouth of your driveway to both counteract and utilize the rushing chi of the street. Yet another excellent solution involves using moving cures, such as windsocks, pinwheels, or whirligigs. Apply these solutions along the front line of your property at the street. The moving energy of these cures beneficially uses up the rushing chi of the street by simultaneously absorbing it for the property’s benefit, and preventing the street from pulling energy away from the lot.

Living on a dead-end street

A dead-end street receives even less inflow of energy than a cul-de-sac. Hence, the name dead-end meaning the street is dead energetically – and you are at the end.

The more problem with dead ends is that – by definition – no energy can flow through. Because no traffic can pass, the energy is lower, and less active, creating stagnation and dullness. The lives of residents living in homes on dead-end streets are often lower in energy, wealth, and opportunities. Getting to work in the morning and succeeding in life can be more difficult.

Awakening and enlivening the energy of the lot is vital to transform the energy of a dead-end house. You can start by cutting back all overgrown bushes and vegetation. Make sure all outdoor lights are working. Keep your yard and street clean of debris and old belongings, including any junk cars, spare bulldozers etc.

To attract and create a new flow of positive energy, do your best to enliven, energize, and awaken your property with sound, movement, color and life.

  • Use energy activators such as windmills and windsocks, which feature motion and color.
  • Hang wind chimes to activate and awaken the area to create more energy and movement in your environment and life.
  • Install bird feeders to attract the lively energy of fine-feathered musical friends. In Feng Shui, lovebirds and songbirds bring opportunities and messages that create new activity, movement, and harmony in your life.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Well read ~ from someone who read the idiot's guide to feng shui as a starter.

  2. Is there is difference between dead end for vehicles? but pedestrians can walk through and pass? would that still consider as dead end?

    Or equally considered as dead end but the negative impact is slightly less damaging?

  3. If the house is on a dead-end street, but not at the end. Is it still considered bad feng-shui?