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In life intention requires

In life intention requires


Everything that humans do in life requires intention - a combination of will, motivation, and desire. According to Grandmaster Lin Yun's Feng Shui school, intention plays a key role; in fact, intention is the starting point for feng shui efforts. First you decide what you want - you intend a result. Then you focus your intention as you create a change a cure in your environment designed to bring about the the result. If your intention is clear, your desired outcome is much more likely to occur.

Intention magnifies the energy of the cures and increase their power and effectiveness in your life. Feng Shui cures work whether you perform them with focused intention or not, but if you want the maximum results, don't just go through the motions when you perform your cures. Give them your full intention.

Feng Shui has a special technique for empowering the intentions of your cures - thereby making them much more potent - called the Three Secrets Reinforcement. The Reinforcement is a short and easy-to-perform procedure that you can apply with each feng shui cure that you perform. It utilizes aspects of your body, speech, and mind to energetically strengthen the cure.

The ingredients of Intention


Feng Shui works because its philosophy is based on the principles of energy flow to which all environments are subject. You can add rocket fuel to your Feng Shui by connecting a particular intention to each cure that you perform. By applying specific intentions to cures, you actually infuse them with added energy.

Applying intention to cures consists of three key elements:

1.                  Knowing exactly what you want
2.                  Visualizing and feeling the desired result before it happens
3.                  Expecting the result to happen
To the degree that any of these ingredients are missing, your cure can be less effective. But to the degree that these ingredients are present, your cures can be much more effective.

Know exactly what you want


Knowing what you want is the single most important factor in the realm of intention. If you are unclear about your goal, you can still get positive results from your cures, but they may be more general than particular. Clarity about your goals focuses your intention and empowers your cures to accomplish specific desired results. You can perform beneficial cures with general intentions like improving your health, or increasing wealth, or bringing harmony into the home, and so on. The point is to have a strong, clear, and focused intention.

A very important factor of knowing what you want is the strength with which you want it; your intention is the most effective when your desire with great intensity. Weak or wishy-washy intentions do not greatly magnify your cures. Passion infuses your intentions with power and effectiveness. So the more passion you put into achieving your goal, the moreenergy your intention has, and the more effective your cure can be.

You can write down your intentions when you practice Feng Shui. Write down not only what you want, but why you want it and how intently you want it. This simple step makes your goal more real and the cure more meaningful. Writing also helps you generate the intention that you need to produce results.

See and Feel the result before it happens


The human brain and imagination are the most powerful tools that the universe has yet developed. They allow us to vividly see desired future outcomes and then create them. Visualizing the intention is almost a prerequisite for manifesting an intention in any field of endeavor, such as art, science, business and so on. Moreover, the clarity with which you visualize an intention makes your goal more likely to happen as you foresee it. So visualizing the desired results of a cure - while you perform it - make it substantially more effective. When visualizing, endeavor to make your internal pictures so vivid that you actually feel, emotionally and physically, how wonderfully and exciting your new life can be when the result is attained.

Expect the result to happen

When you know what you want and can visualize it happening, the final step is to proceed in life with the confident assumption that your cures are effective as you apply them - act as if. In other words, seal the deal with certainty. Align your actions, thoughts, attitudes, and words to the new life situation or result that you desire. Then watch your life change come into being before your eyes. Feng Shui cures, when performed in this manner, open up new energy pathways that allow your intentions to be realized in ways you never dreamed possible.

Expecting a result is not wishing upon a star or magical thinking where you sit back and relax while expecting some higher power to magically work everything out. Passive thinking, aggressive skepticism, doubtful thinking are not clear intentions.

Simply perform the cures that you feel are right for you and your house with strong intention, and assume that they are effective. For best results, perform your cures without actively or subconsciously holding back. Act as if your cures are working and expect results. Not only do your cures work faster, but you are also happier while they do.

Elements and object Placement

Pyramid-shaped object in the Fire Area

The Five Elements theory explains how natural forces combine and interact to either help or hinder your life. When the Elements are in balance, your daily life reflects peace and harmony, but when your home has conflicts between elements, you may experience disharmony and chaotic life patterns. You can use different cure methods that you can apply to create powerful energetic shifts in your environment along with corresponding beneficial changes in your life.

This principle is the basic formula for balance: When the Elements are located in their natural positions and, more importantly, are not located in positions of conflict with other Elements, balance is enhanced.

When applying the Five Elements to create particular life results, you can use any of the following correspondences:

·                     The Physical representation of the Element
·                     The Color of the Element
·                     The Corresponding shape of the Element

Placing Elements in their Natural Locations:

With this cure method, you simply place a representation of a chosen Element in its natural location. If you need more Fire Energy in your life or desire a boost in your reputation, add the Fire Element to the Fame Area of your house, bedroom, or yard.

For example if you want to apply the Fire Element, you can add a candle to the natural location of Fire or the color red, or you can place a triangular or pyramid-shaped object in the area.

Removing and counteracting offending Elements

When any of the conflicts are present in your environment, watch out! An Element positioned in the natural location of a conflicting Element can create particular life problems. You should remedy these element relationships, especially if they correspond to an area of your life that you want to improve with feng shui.

·                     Wood located in Earth's natural location can harm your health.
·                     Fire located in Metal's natural location can harm your communication.
·                     Earth located in water's natural location can harm your career.
·                     Metal located in wood's natural location can harm your family life.
·                     Water located in Fire's natural location can harm your reputation.
For best results, remove an Element from a position where it conflicts with another Element, particularly if you are experiencing challenges in the corresponding Life Area. For example: Water destroys Fire, so a fountain ( water) located in the fire location - Fame area of your house causes an Element conflict that can negatively affect your reputation. Simply remove the fountain.

If a Destructive Element relationship can't be moved, you can still cure the problem in other ways:

·                     Counteract the offending Element by adding a counter Element to the area in question to symbolically destroy the offending element. For example: If a fireplace is located in the Metal position of your home - the children area and the home child is experiencing problems in school, cure the fireplace by adding water - which destroys fire - to the children area. Try adding a fountain to the Metal position to dampen the effect of the fireplace and relieve the negative effects on your child. Instead of adding actual water, you can also use the color of water by placing something black in the area, or you can use an object with Water's wavy, undulating shape. Better yet, use a black object with water's shape.
·                     Add more of the attacked Element to its natural location to increase its strength and help it overcome the offender. Continuing with the example of a fireplace in Metal's natural location, use this method by adding more Metal to its natural location to boost Metal's power. According you can add an object made of metal, the color white, or something round or spherical to the Metal location.

Elements together for power and creativity

Utilizing the Creator and Offspring Elements for added power

The Utilizing the Creator and Offspring Elements for added power method is to add either the Creator or offspring elements or both an element's natural position. For example, say you want to boost family expansion and family unity. Wood is the element you need to apply for these results. Water creates wood, and fire is the offspring of wood. Therefore to increase wood, you can add either a fountain or the color red to wood's natural location.

Using all the Elements together for power and creativity

The Method Using all the Elements together for power and creativity is the method to create balance, harmony and power. You can ad all the Five Elements to an element's position or any room that need its energy positively adjusted. This cure is good for a bedroom, the living room, or an office environment. With all Five Elements in place, you can create an atmosphere of wholeness, peace, and creativity. the elements can be placed individually in the room or Octagon Area, or all the Elements can be contained in one item, such as painting that represents each of the five elements colors or an object that combines all the elements in shape, color, and/or material. 

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The Cycles of the Five Elements

The Cycles of the Five Elements

The Five Elements relate to and interact with each other according two distinct cycles: The Creative (Generative) Cycle and the Destructive (Transformative) Cycle. You can use not only the Elements themselves but also the Creative and Destructive Cycles for Feng Shui Cures.

In the Creative Cycle, the Elements create one another in a continual cyclical process. In the Destructive Cycle, the Elements cyclically consume each other in a similar process, but nothing is truly destroyed. Instead the energy is simply transformed into another state. Both the Creative and Destructive Cycles can be used beneficially for your Feng Shui Cures.

The Creative Cycle of the Five Elements

In the Creative Cycle the Elements generate, create or lead to one another in a continuous chain of creative energy. The Creative Cycle superficially resembles the Destructive Cycle except for one difference – each Element changes from one form to another. The following chain example illustrates the Creative Cycle.

·        Wood, as it burns, is the fuel for Fire.
·        Ashes, the result of Fire, return to and replenish the Earth.
·        The Earth gives birth to Metal.
·        Metal, heated sufficiently, becomes liquid like Water.
·        Water nourishes Wood (the tree).

And the cycle continues forever…

The Destructive Cycle of the Five Elements

In the Destructive Cycle, the Elements symbolically destroy each other in a continuous pattern.

  • Wood is cut by the axe (Metal)
  • Metal is burned by the blacksmith’s Fire.
  • Fire is extinguished by Water.
  • Water is absorbed, subdued, and evaporated by the Earth.
  • Earth is penetrated by growing trees (Wood).

Physical representations of the element
Color of the Element
Shape of the Element
Candle, fireplace, light
Triangle, pyramid
Yellow, earth tones
Square, cube
Metal Sculpture or Metal table
Round, spherical, dome
Living tree, plant
Green, blue
Rectangular, Columnar

Creator and Offspring Elements

Not only can you empower any Element simply by placing it in its natural location. Alternatively, you can create cures by using the Element that creates the Element you want to empower; it is called the Creator Element. Another option is to use the Element created by the Element you want to help; known as the Offspring Element.

Creator Element
Offspring Element

The Energies of the Five Elements

Tapping the Power of the Five Elements

You should know the powerful method of understanding and shifting the energy of your environment – the Five Elements. According to Chinese energy theory, everything in the universe is mad up of varying combinations of five elements, or forms of energy. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The five elements system offers a way of looking at the natural cycles of the world and coming into balance with them. Energetically speaking, you contain some of each of the Five Elements, and so does your environment.

The Five Elements have corresponding natural locations of the Octagon. If the Elements are situated in the proper positions in your home, the energy circulates and helps you achieve harmony and abundance. But each Element has a location in the environment where it can conflict with another Element in the area. When Elements are situated in these negative locations, you may experience conflict, lowered income, and even psychological and health problems.

You should know the basic energies of each of the Elements, as well as their positive and negative placements. Then you can use several ways to create powerful cures using the energies of the Five Elements.

Each Element is a form of energy with unique characteristics, feeling, and various correspondences to the natural world. These correspondences include colors, seasons of the year, and geometric shapes. The Five Elements are also connected to the psychological and interpersonal aspects of human life. You should know the correspondences of each of the Elements, how they function, and their energetic qualities.

The Energies of the Five Elements

The energy of Wood: Growth

Wood chi is the energy of expansion and new growth. Represented by the color green, the Wood Element is related to the liver and the season of spring. Its corresponding geometric shape is a column or rectangle which is positioned upright; skyscrapers are common examples of wood-shaped buildings. On the Octagon, Wood is located in the Family Area. Wood is good to apply when you want to add the energy of growth, expansion, and vitality to your life. Associated with new beginnings, Wood cures are like adding a touch of spring, the season you feel young, energetic, and motivated.

The energy of Fire: Expansion

Fire chi is upward, burning, hot energy and is moving, bright, and fiery. Of the five energies, Fire represents maximum expansiveness and activity, the peak of energetic intensity. Fire is related to the summer season, the color red, and the heart. Its corresponding geometric shape is a triangle or pyramid. And Fire energy’s natural position is in the Fame Area of the Octagon. Perform Fire cures when you want to create more expansion in your life and experience increased recognition.

The energy of Earth: Stability

Earth chi stabilizes, balances, and grounds you. In times intense life change, Earth helps you become more centered and connected to bedrock. Earth is related to the harvest season, the color yellow, and the stomach. Its corresponding geometric shapes are the square, the rectangle positioned horizontally, and the cube 3-D. Earth’s natural location is the center or Health Area of the Octagon. Perform Earth cures when you want to slow down in life, become more centered, and feel connected and stable.

The Energy of Metal: Contraction

Metal chi is cold, contracting, dense energy associated with communication, creativity, detail, symbols, signals, and noise. Corresponding with the color white, metal is related to the lungs, and the fall season. Its geometric shapes are circle, sphere, and dome. Metal is located in the Children Area of the Octagon. Apply Metal cures when you want to improve communications, empower your children, or stimulate your projects.

The energy of Water: Stillness

Water chi is the energy of maximum concentration and stillness. Water is the energy of things moving downward and coming to rest. Also, water is related the season of winter, to the colors black and dark blue, and to the kidneys. The shapes of Water are elusive, imprecise, undulating forms that are flowing and difficult to describe. Water is naturally positioned in the Career Area of the Octagon. Perform Water cures when you want more peace and clarity mind or want to increase the flow of people and cash into your life.

Placing the Five Elements in the Environment

If you know the positions of the Feng Shui Octagon, finding the natural locations of the Five Elements is easy. The Five Elements are located on the Octagon are as follows:

  • Fire: The Center back area of the environment (Fame Area)
  • Earth: The Center Area (Health Area)
  • Metal: The Center Right Area (Children Area)
  • Water: The Center Front Area (Career Area)
  • Wood: The Center left Area (Family Area)

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Bamboo flute cures

Bamboo flute cures

Bamboo flutes are a very powerful cure tool with many positive aspects. Few cure items carry as much significance and effectiveness as the bamboo flute. Flute cures are potent remedies for numerous life problems.

Best type of bamboo flute yields the following benefits:

  • Delivers peace and safety: Bamboo is renowned in Chinese culture for bringing luck and strength if grown or displayed on the premises.
  • Provides support: Everyone can use more support in life, and bamboo, one of the strongest and hardiest of plants, is a potent energetic symbol of support for your ongoing endeavors.
  • Fights off evil spirits: Whether you call them spirits, ghosts, heebie jeebies or just plain old bad vibes, humans can sense negative energies. Bamboo flute represents the symbolic angle of a sword, helps to scare away negative energies and promote calmness and peace of mind.
  • Drive away evil, negative, and scandalous persons: The flute cure is a powerful way to banish or nullify the negative energy of those who harm, harass, or harangue you.

Angling your flute

An important aspect of a flute’s is the angle at which it is hung – the hanging angle associates with the angles of the Feng Shui Octagon. To understand this, visualize the Feng Shui Octagon, not placed on a floor plan as usual but placed vertically on a wall. The actual angle at which you hang your flute depends upon the angle of the Octagon or Life Area you want to remedy or enhance. For example, if you want to accentuate wealth, you naturally hang a flute in the Wealth Area.

To make your flute cure stronger, also hang it at the Wealth Angle. This additional detail makes a real difference in the effect of the cure.

Life areas
Hanging directions
45 degree angle, left side lower, right side higher
Helpful people
45 degree angle, left side lower, right side higher
45 degree angle, right side lower, left side higher
45 degree angle, right side lower, left side higher
Vertical; smaller sections of the flute downwards
Use any of the above angles

Important things to consider when purchasing and hanging your flute

  • The flute recommended in feng shui is made from a special kind of bamboo in which each section grows longer than previous one. This symbolizes life climbing upward step by step, meaning that things get better for your tomorrow than they are today, even better the day after, and so on.
  • The sections of bamboo are segmented by the visible ridges in the bamboo stalk. The ridges themselves are a key part of the flute’s energy, symbolizing power and strength. For maximum effectiveness, use a bamboo flute that has its ridges still intact. If the ridges are sanded off, the flute makes a much weaker cure to implement. Hang your flutes with the shorter segments lower and the longer segments higher.
  • Flute work most effectively when hung by a red ribbon with two red tassels, once connected to each point where the ribbon attaches to the flute. Leave the ribbon on the flute even if you hang it vertically. Also, the recommendation of having the length of your red ribbon measure in multiples of 9 inches (9, 18, 27 and so on) also holds.
  • A flute used for a cure should be treated with respect and never be played with, handled roughly, or blown into. If this happens, the flute becomes simply an object of d├ęcor rather than an energetic cure. 

Fragrance cures

Fragrance cures

Smell, one of the most powerful and evocative senses, directly stimulates the limbic system and often triggers the instant recall of rich and long-forgotten memories. Pleasant odors are frequently related to good feelings, higher states of well-being, and increased awareness. In the East, it is commonly believed that good spirits prefer environments that have pleasant, uplifting odors. Cures in this category include incense, essential oils, and flowers.


When using incense as an energy adjustment, high quality incense rather than inexpensive brands that commonly incorporate synthetic oils and perfumes. Synthetic incense is not only less effective but is also much less enjoyable and can even be irritating to the senses.

Essential Oils

While talking about essential oils, quality is definitely the important word for effectiveness. When essential oils are processed, heat and exposure to light rapidly degrade their subtle molecular structure and destroy their vital qualities. With oils, you definitely get what you pay for, and quality essential oils are worth the extra price. Two excellent brands of oils are Young Living and Tisserand. Fragrant oils can improve your health and your mood as well as your environment.

Weight Cures, Powered Cures, Touch cures

Weight Cures

These cure tools provide needed weight or solidity to a space by literally adding substantial mass or presence to a site, generating feeling of stability and calm. Heavy cures can also be used to emphasize or give form to a certain area of point. For example, a heavy rock or statue can be used to energetically complete missing area of a house. A heavy cure can emphasize and strengthen a needy area of the property of fill in a missing area. The weight cure can also be a heavy desk or other piece of furniture or even an outbuilding added to the property like a greenhouse, garage, or tool shed.

A more mystical form of weight cure is called a yu pronounced you. A yu is a small bowl with a shallow base, a wide body and shallow mouth. If a yu is properly prepared, it can cure many problem areas.

Powered Cures

Powered cures often utilize electrical objects such as appliances featuring generators or motors. The energy generated by these appliances can be used to activate particular areas of your space. Powered cures are used mainly to generate energy or create activity in a specific Life Area of the Feng Shui Octagon.

Firecrackers can also be used as a powered cure. Placed symbolically over the front door on the inside of the house, help to protect the home and its occupants. Depending on your intention when placing them, firecrackers can also activate new sources of revenue, enhance an occupation, and attract important business connections.

Touch cures

Touch cures engage your kinesthetic sense to awaken or adjust your energy. For instance, place a green vine around the hand rail of a stairway so each time you ascend or descend the stairs, your hand brushes the vine and tangibly connects to its symbolic life energy. Touch cures can give a boost to your recuperative powers and stimulate good health.

Mobile cures

Mobile cures

Mobiles are objects that swirl and move, stimulating and circulating energy while projecting a uniquely calming effect. Mobiles rely on air currents for their movements. You can use mobiles, windsocks, flags, banners, pinwheels, and whirligigs. Mobile cures create new flows of energy, harmonize and balance chaotic energy, stimulate action and new thinking, and clear stagnation.


Mobiles are an excellent addition to a space needing circulation, movement or clearing. The mobile’s gentle swaying rotation soothes and settles. Mobiles can also diffuse sharp energies, like those caused by the protruding corner of a desk, counter, bookshelf, or wall. Another effective use of a mobile is to fill an area that lacks definition, or create balance by bringing down or filling in a ceiling that is too high.

Flagpoles and light poles

A commonly recommended cure in many Feng Shui situations is to place a flagpole or light pole in a key location. Besides adding color, motion and light energy to the area, flagpoles and light poles play another very important role. They act as earth needles, tapping into the chi of the earth and lifting it high above the surface. Raising the chi is an important function in Feng Shui. Energy with an upward motion promotes life and growth, while downward energy promotes decay and decline. Flagpoles and light poles thus have dual effects of uplifting and enlivening. Also a hollow flagpole is more powerful than a solid one; a hollow pole acts an attractor for earth energy, uplifting the chi of the earth, which blesses and uplifts the prosperity.

Flags and banners

Flags add unique qualities of color and symbolism to your cures. A green flag which is favored in Feng Shui denotes health, vitality, life, and money. Other colors can be used according to your needs and the design of the space. Designs or emblems on your flag or banner are fine, as long as they appeal to you. Such emblems may include your family crest, a state, or national flag, your alma matter or favorite football or cricket team, sunflowers, lady bugs, or any other image that pleases or energizes you. Use your gut feeling as a final arbiter in choosing your Feng shui flags.


Windsocks are effective tools for both interior and exterior cure applications. Because they combine motion with color, windsocks help stimulate, activate, and enliven dead energy areas, such as alleys and dead-end roads. Road traffic moving too quickly past a house (excess chi) pulls away the house’s chi. But placing a windsock or three windsocks in strategic locations, such as near the offending road can calm the negative effects of this excess chi and stabiles the area.

Pinwheels and whirligigs

Pinwheels are quick, inexpensive way to enliven a garden path or draw chi along a driveway or walkway. Whirligigs are small yet effective energy generators that are also useful for calming or counteracting excess traffic chi.

Color cures

Color cures

Color affects every area of life, and opportunities for using color to improve your home’s energy are innumerable. Color can be used to adjust the energy of an entire room by painting the walls, added in various ways to an Octagon Area for energetic effects, or can be used in clothing adjust your personal Feng Shui. Color is a powerful way to change a mood or activate the emotions and subconscious mind for success.

Many different color systems exist throughout the world like western, Indian, Native American and many more. Add this color scheme and make your personal choices about which color schemes are right for you.

New life, new beginnings, growth, energy, vitality, spring, hope
Wealth, royalty, the extreme value of red means great energy and power.
Power, protection, energy, activity, The most active of all colors and is used many ways in Feng Shui.
Love, the heart, marriage, motherhood
Cleanliness, purity, righteousness, death
Neutrality, absence of color, hidden things, benefactors
Power, authority, absorbing energy, respect (Too much black represents despair and gloom)
Knowledge, the sky, royalty, life, hope
Yellow, earth tones
Health, the earth, ground, connection

Water Cures

Water Cures

Water represents connection, substance, wealth, and the flow of life. Humans have always chosen to live near sources of water, but today, sealed in our homes and workplaces; most people are cut off from contact with naturally flowing water and because of this lose something psychologically and energetically profound.

The Feng Shui solution is to add water to your environment, either on the property or inside the home. Flowing water creates soothing sounds like babbling brook, and the movement of water over stones and rocks which we say streams and waterfalls instigates a healthy, refreshing release of negative ions, which provide a sense of well-being, and make breathing easier.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls create a new energy flow in any environment. Moving water is both surprising and pleasant to encounter indoors, and a well-placed fountain has a refreshing and beneficial impact in any home. But always avoid placing a fountain in the Fame Area of the Feng Shui Octagon. The Fame Area is the natural location of the Fire element, and because water puts out fire, a fountain in this area can have a dampening effect on your reputation.

The best fountains are ones in which you can see the flow of water and in which the water pools visibly rather than disappearing immediately. A particularly potent fountain is one in which the water’s flow performs work, such as turning a water wheel. Flowing water means flowing money, and this factor symbolizes that money not only comes to you but also that your funds are effective and create results. Another nice energetic touch is a fountain that incorporates a light in its design.

Ponds and pools

Still bodies of water represent stored wealth on the property as well as clarity and depth of knowledge. Ponds, lakes, and swimming pools generally enhance the chi of a property.

Key points for Ponds and pools should be observed:
  • The body of water shouldn’t be too large compared to the house, or it can energetically overwhelm the house and weaken the occupants’ chi.
  • The shape and placement of the body of water are also important:
    • A sharp angle of a swimming pool pointed towards the house resembles a cutting edge and can stimulate accidents in the residence.
    • A crescent-shaped pond positioned with the tips of the crescent point away from the house symbolizes money leaving the site.
    • Kidney shaped is positive because they are rounded, and kidney relates directly to the water element in the body. Kidney shaped ponds are best suited so they appear to hug the house, meaning wealth gathers and remains in the house.

  • The clearer your still water feature, the better for your finances and clarity of mind. Murky water on the property can result in funky financial deals and confusion.

Living Cures

Living Cures

Living cures utilize the vitality and energy of plants and vegetation to boost the chi of a space. They provide nourishing, healthy chi for your home or office. Living cures are also easy to perform, highly effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Plants and Flowers

Plants add color to your space and symbolize new life and growth. The best plants to use for cures are full, lush, and vibrant. Rounded leaves are generally better than long, pointed ones. Avoid dagger-like plants, such as cacti, which create symbolic spears in your environment. If you have plants that are sparse, weak, sickly or dying, heal them or replace them as soon as possible with fresh, health plants. Also plants, with flowers and/or fruits create more effective cures than those without.

When utilizing a plant for Feng Shui cure, you can get best results if you go out and buy a new, fresh, vibrant plant specifically for the cure; buying a new plant proves more effective energy than using a plant you already own.

Get rid of the dead, dying and dried plants

Dead wilting plants, flowers, and decorative sticks except for bamboo flutes create negative Feng Shui, as they are anti-life signs. Even wreaths and dried flower arrangements, however beautifully designed, symbolize death to the subconscious mind and create a subtle drag on your energy. This principle holds true even if our personally like them. Dried flowers are dead, regardless of how they look or how much you paid for them, and according to Feng Shui principles, they can negatively influence your environment and you. The recommended cure is to remove them. A Stronger cure is to replace dead and dried flowers with living, colorful plants and flowers. Replacing death with life is a wonderfully symbolic act, and you can feel the positive energetic effects of this cure immediately.

Freshly cut flowers make another great living energy cure, as they stimulate life, cheer, and positive chi. but be sure not to let them wilt and die on the premises.

Generally, an odd number of plants create a stronger, more active energy than an even number. But an even numbers of plants are still very effective.

Artificial plants can be used as cures. But make sure they look real. The best silk plants are indistinguishable from the real ones, except to the touch. So if you choose artificial plants, use silk ones for Feng Shui cures. The best artificial plants always seem fresh and thereby symbolize continuing life. A nice touch is to put a convincing silk plant in a pot of real soil.


Aquariums, which combine water and living energy, are powerful Feng Shui cures. They wonderfully spruce up an area, bringing in new vitality and stimulating energy flow. They are also natural mood-enhancers. Aquariums are renowned for bringing luck and good fortune to a residence and generating a stream of wealth for the occupants, which is why so many restaurants – one of the most difficult of all businesses to succeed in – use them.

Aquariums also contain fish that continuously circulate are apparently peaceful and never get stuck. They stimulate a similar flow in your life, flexibility and ease in your endeavors, and fewer blocks and obstacles. Also, bright, lively, multicolored fish represent you getting along with many different types of people.

To maintain the positive chi of your aquarium, make sure that your fish remain healthy, that the water stays clean rather than murky, and that any fish that die are replaced as soon as possible with healthy new ones.

Stronger aquarium cure given by Grandmaster Lin Yun, is to stock your tank with nine goldfish, eight of them red and one black. If any of these fish die, replace them at once. If the black fish dies, it means a misfortune headed your way has caught the fish instead you.

Sound cures

Sound cures

Sound cures are very effective for clearing old, negative energy and bringing new, positive energy into a space. You can choose from two types of sound cures: ones with a ringing quality or ones with any other kind of sound. Ringing cures are more powerful, but you can use almost any sound-emitting tool to create a cure. Tools for ringing cures include wind chimes, bells, and gongs. Modern day ringing devices include telephones, mobiles, alarm clocks, and classroom bells, which never fail to grab your attention.

Sound cures create beneficial effects by

  • Stimulating new energy
  • Awakening, arousing, and alerting
  • Calling forth a message
  • Sending a reply
  • Strengthening the energy of a location, person, or Octagon Area
  • Providing protection, Burglar alarms are just glorified bells.
  • Creating harmony, peace, and balance.

Special powers of the red ribbon

When hanging Feng Shui cures like faceted crystal spheres, wind chimes, or mobiles, use a red string, ribbon, or cord for best results. The color red is the most potent transformative color in Feng Shui. Red symbolizing fire and energy that makes changes happen. The red string practice may also harkens back to the shamanic roots of Feng Shui, as red string is used even today by native medicine men and women in their ritual healing work.

In addition to the color red, another key factor is to cut your hanging ribbon or string to a multiple of 9 inches long, such as 9 inches, 18 inches, 27 inches, and so on. Nine is the most powerful number in Feng Shui theory; it symbolizes completion and peak accomplishment. Therefore, using a red cord with a 9-inch multiple in length for your cures adds the two potent energetic elements of color and number to your cures.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be used for a multitude of curing purposes, both indoors and out. Chimes help attract new energy, stimulate opportunities, and blow out obstacles in your life. Be sure to hang your wind chimes with a red ribbon or cord for the greatest effect.

Which kind of Wind chimes should be purchased?

Wind chimes used as cures are best made of metal and chime clear tones. Metal chimes truly ring, whereas those made of other materials do not ring and thus have less curing power. Brass is the favored metal for chimes.

Sound quality – the clarity and tone of the ring – is the most important chime factor. So listen to your chimes before purchasing them to ensure a high – quality ring. Also a chime sound should be pleasing to you to be highly effective in adjusting your energy. Don’t hang a chime that you don’t love simply. If you detest the sound of a chime, its energy may be less helpful to you.

If the chimes inside your house don’t ring, don’t worry! Interior wind chimes are still very effective. If you wish you can activate a wind chime by ringing it as you pass by, creating chi on demand.


A bras bell is a good cure for an area where a chime is inappropriate. A brass bell sitting on a desk or counter can provide activation where needed. Gongs are excellent solutions for entrances to homes, properties, or buildings.