Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Positioning Outbuildings

Positioning Outbuildings

The location of outbuildings is another important part of your exterior Feng Shui. An Outbuilding is a structure on the property such as a tool, garden, or storage shed, green house, guest house, a detached garage, or other building. Outbuildings represent added weight, significance, and value on the property.

Outbuildings reflect additional growth and expansion on the property and in their corresponding Life Areas. An Outbuilding is a development of the property area. And as you may know, in real estate, buildings on a property are called improvements.

A storage shed in the wealth Area of your property symbolizes increased money in your future. Another positive outbuilding location is a detached garage in the Children Area as long as the garage is near the edge of the property, not right next to the house.

Negative Outbuilding situations

An Outbuilding can be negative if located in the Marriage/Partnership Area of the yard. This building placement indicates that one spouse or both can start a separate relationship or even a separate household on the side. A cure for avoiding this unhappy event is to mount a spotlight on the outbuilding. Make sure it shines at the main house, ideally at the roof, to energetically connect the two buildings. The light doesn’t need to shine at all times, but it should be in good working condition. Installing the light can transform the negative situation into a positive image of energetically connected yet independent structures, and the marriage can prosper and flourish.

Stuffed shed syndrome

Buildings on your lot that are run-down or in disrepair or loving stuffed-to-the-gills with all-important junk can quickly become a negative force on your lot. Simply keep your outbuildings shipshape, tide, and shiny.

Blocking influence

When building blocks your view of the street or a good portion of the view from a bedroom, living room, or kitchen window, moving it to a better spot on the property can free up your vision of the future. If moving the building is impractical you can hang a wind chime between the building and the window to disperse the building’s blocking influence.

Fixing exterior drains

Drains on the property are an important aspect; improperly located, they can be, well, draining! Drains can pull down energy and water, both symbolizing money, and cause it to vanish to who knows where. Therefore a visible drain can represent loss of wealth. Many lots don’t have visible drain covers. If your lot contains a visible exterior drain, you can place a lively new plant on top of the drain.

If the drain is close to or in a straight line with the front door, the problem is even wors. An advanced solution for an auspiciously located exterior drain is to apply the special cinnabar and liquor cure.

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  1. If moving the building is impractical you can hang a wind chime between the building and the window to disperse the building’s blocking influence. fengshui