Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ideal Street Situation

Your residential street is one of the main exterior sources of energy for your property, house and life. Streets are likely arteries of a city that conduct the connecting energies of a society by funneling traffic and chi to the individual neighborhoods and homes.

Most important street is the one leading directly to your house. The natural and power of the flow of energy - traffic on your street is a prime indicator of whether your house is energetically well fed. Your street feed the moth of your driveway and front walk, your driveway and front walk feed your front door, and your front door feeds chi into the energy and hallways of the body of your house.

From Feng shui point of view, the ideal residential street situation is one that has brisk, lively, creating energy.  The general feeling should be cheerful and uplifting. The overall energetic quality of the street leading to your house should not be too still, but just right. Too little energy coming to your house from the street can mean an energy deficit, which is detrimental to your finances and even your physical health. On the other hand, excessive street energy - rushing chi tends to bring chaos and disruption into your life and results in negative consequences that can rob your properly of vital energy. Luckily, you can counteract any of these conditions with the Feng Shui Cures.

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