Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dealinq with pesky approach issues

The following barriers and impediments to a smooth entry are physical and energetic stumbling blocks in your life path. The more these obstructions lead into your home, the more your liabilities are compounded. Fixing them removes obstacles from your life's path, quells frustrations, and generally makes life an easier game to play.

Multiple gates, barriers, porches, and doors: Having to go through these obstacles can produce frustration, mental blocks, lack of energy, and feelings of being stopped in life. Cures include removing some of the barriers, and placing wind chimes or faceted crystal spheres between the doors and gates. When performing this cure, be sure to visualize abundant energy and finances flowing into your life as you apply the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

No walkway from your front door to the street: This common situation is related to the dilemma in which the garage projects out from the house and blocks the front door. In many contemporary homes, the path to the front door connects to the driveway rather than to the street (or the sidewalk out by the street). The potential Feng Shui problem in this case is that you may receive less income and have fewer helpful friends in your life than you deserve all because the front door feeds from the driveway rather than the street. The driveway is a secondary energy source for the front walk and front door, featuring less incoming chi than the street.

The expensive cure for this problem is to build a new sidewalk from your front door to the street. If you're up for it, go for it.

Projecting garage that blocks the front door:  This situation, also common, creates at least two problems. First, the structure of the house is unbalanced, usually in some form of an L-shape. Second, the garage hides the front door from view on at least one side of the house

For these two cures:

• Build a second stone walkway to the street leading away from the garage. If your garage projects out, this cure has the important effect of balancing the house shape. Whether or not your garage projects, the new pathway has the additional benefit of bringing new and more chi to your front door.
• For a more practical but slightly less powerful solution, place a wind chime along the side of the garage, or near the front door, to attract more chi into your home.

Narrow, overgrown, or tunnel-like pathway to front door: This scenario restricts your energy, making it harder literally and figuratively for you and the house to breathe. Ideally, your entry path should be at least as wide as the front door. Better still, have it wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Cures include widening the path and cutting back bushes and hedges to open the way. Also, make sure the path is well-lit, clear, clean, and bright.

Recessed front door from front line of house: This situation results in less income and fewer career opportunities. The recommended solution is to brighten the exterior with powerful lights, or place a brass wind chime by the entryway. Doing so will activate the energy around the front door to attract more of the good things you deserve.

Obstacles on the path to the entrance, near the front door, or on the porch close to the door: Such obstacles can include bikes, boxes, trash, skateboards, buckets, and so on. Results include frustration, confusion, and finding it easy to figuratively stumble in your life as you could physically stumble over all the clutter. The simple cure: Remove and clean!

Decay or disrepair at entrance: Decay and disrepair in and around the home symbolize death or stagnation. They can bring you down and make winning in life much harder. These signs, especially negative near the front door, include burnt-out or missing light bulbs, broken light fixtures, broken/missing doorbell, cobwebs around the entrance, birds nesting near the door, or a 4-foot-long pickaxe stuck in the front door. The cure: Fix, clean, replaces, and repairs.

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