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Investing and Curing Potential nearby Negatives

Investing and Curing Potential nearby Negatives

Another way to determine the energy level of your environment is to pay attention to certain institutions that, if located near your house, can have negative effects on you and your family. Be aware of buildings or organizations in your neighborhood that can radiate negative energy. It can prove harder to maintain your health, career, marriage, and family if you live near a cemetery or any one the areas which are negative element.

A negative element located across the street, next door, or directly behind your house is the most detrimental situation. One located on the same block can affect you with nearly as strong an impact. The next level out is a building that can is visible from the house or yard on a regular basis, perform a cure to feel safer and more protected.

Cemeteries and funeral homes

Cemeteries are places where dead people are buried. Feng Shui says that disembodied spirits can wander in graveyards and sometimes, haunt nearby houses and their residents. If the spirits are unhappy, mischievous, or even malicious, they can cause no end of trouble for your home’s occupants. Health problems as well as mental anguish can plague the residents of homes near cemeteries. Even if no ghosts or spirits are haunting the house, living close to a cemetery can cause depression.

The very yin – depressive and low energy of a cemetery continuously impacts the subconscious mind and exerts a cumulative affect. Funeral homes and mortuaries give off similar vibrations, which continuously feature the energy of death, grieving, and sorrow.

Hospitals and convalescent centers

Hospitals, though important institutions, can negatively affect the health of the people living nearby due to the continuous stream of sickness, death, emergency, suffering, and grief that passes through and resides in the hospitals.

Police and Fire Stations

Police and fire stations can seem advantageous, and some people find living next to them exciting. Yet police and fire stations both house the energies of emergency, alarm, and fear. Police stations can especially radiate the negative vibes of criminals, crime, and suspiciousness. Although you may feel more secure – on the surface – living near these places, their energy never rests. As a result, you may find resting and relaxing difficult in your home, and you may always feel on edge waiting for the next emergency alarm to go off.

A church carries negative energy similar to that of a funeral home only if it holds funerals on the church site. If a church doesn’t hold funerals on its premises, living near one isn’t a negative influence. And if the church features numerous weddings, it can positively influence your home.

If you live by a nearby negative, you may choose to perform a cure for the protection of your home and family, particularly if you have experienced a run of bad luck since moving into your house. Remember that whatever is happening to your lot and house has a simultaneous and corresponding effect on you and your family. These results occur in the physical, mental, interpersonal, financial realms. You can reap great benefits by observing these patterns and taking action to alter and improve your environment and your life.

A good all around protection and blessing cure is to place a Ba-Gua mirror over the front door on the outside. Or you can hang a set of five symbolic red firecrackers above the front door on the inside of the house. The firecrackers ward off negative people, energy, and events.

One of the most powerful Feng Shui cures that cleanses the energy and protects your house and family is called the Rice Blessing. This blessing is designed to remove negative chi, reverse bad luck, and generally create new start in life.

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