Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enhancing the Benefits of Projections

Enhancing the Benefits of Projections

Because the projection helps its corresponding Life Area, you don’t need to cure anything. That’s true but you can do at-least one thing to enhance the benefits of a projection.

For example, if you have a projection in the Family Area of the house. Things are pretty good and fine in your family right now. You may think why to mess the right and good thing? Absolutely right there is no need to mess the good thing but you can make it better and far better. Now for that the technique is: To increase the beneficial of the projection in the Family Area, you can perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement for this area. Performing this simple Reinforcement can significantly enhance the beneficial effects of your projection.

The Three Secrets Reinforcement, typically performed right after you apply the physical portion of a Feng Shui cure, fully activates the power of the cure. In this case, the positive element, the projecting area of the shape is already in place. You can magnify the positive effects of your projection using the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

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