Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cures for missing lot areas

Cures for missing lot areas

A missing are of the lot is a little trickier to cure because you can not get outside the lot to put something at the missing corner. The exact corner spot may be a part of someone else’s lot. But you can fix this problem in several ways:

  • Place a bright spotlight on a tall pole at the corner of the missing area. The light ideally shines at the roof of the house. Another version of this cure is to place a flagpole with a colorful flag at the corner. Green is always a good choice, or you can use the color of the Life Area you are improving. The taller the flagpole, the stronger the cure. The added light chi or the color and motion of the flag energetically compensates for the missing space of the lot.
  • Install three lights of flagpoles, one at each of the three corners. This cure is a stronger version than the previous one. Shine the light towards the house. This cure will help energetically compensate for the missing space of the lot.
  • Plant the healthy green plants or a lively hedge along the perimeter of the missing area to put life chi in the area. This cure uses the power of living energy to compensate for the missing area, and jazzes up the corresponding Life Area. For, extra credit, plant flowers the color associated with this Octagon Area. Fruit-bearing plants generate even stronger Feng Shui cures! The living energy of the plants adds needed chi to the area by replacing what is missing and boosting your energy quotient in the Life Area.

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