Friday, December 7, 2012

dreaded T-intersection and cul-de-sac

The dreaded T-intersection


If you live on a T-intersection, a street ends at your front yard, and the on-coming street traffic heads straight towards your house. The energy bombarding your home is dangerous due to its rushing or attacking qualities. The energy here moves too fast and too forcefully for the well-being of the occupants.

The continuous effects of the street's chi crashing into the house can wreak havoc on the residents' lives. The results can range from subtle feelings of depression, paranoia, and being attacked to more serious psychological effects and being attacked to more serious psychological effects and even to accidents, sickness, or death in the household. Over time, life in a T-intersection house can progressively deteriorate. Also, the house can prove harder to upkeep and maintain.

You can cure the effects of rushing chi at a t-intersection by planting a tall hedge across the front line of the property to protect the house, or you can build a fence in the same location. Additional solutions include hanging a wind chime over the front door to disperse the onrushing chi, and placing Ba-Gua mirror over the door for protection. The same problems and solutions apply to a home located at a Y-intersection.

Moving energy through a cul-de-sac

Cul-de-sac streets imply stagnation and a lack of energy rather than rushing or overwhelming chi. Because cul-de-sac provides no outlet for traffic to flow through or past the house much less energy flows to houses built on a cul-de-sac than to one built on a typical street. Therefore, cul-de-sacs and their houses face dead or stuck energy and risk becoming low or vital chi. Life effects that come from living on a cul-de-sac include lower physical vitality and difficulty receiving opportunities. Residents may find it difficult to move forward and make positive life changes.

Energetic cures for a cul-de-sac home counteract this stagnation by activating or awakening the chi. To wake up cul-de-sac chi flow, add motion, color, and activity to the home to stimulate incoming chi and invite opportunities and money towards you.

A moving water cure with a strong upward spray is a great antidote to stagnation and lethargy. Placing a fountain on your property is a good way to encourage flow, activity, and abundance in your life. Fountain cures stimulate income and connections with new and old friends, and they also protect the property. The best location for this fountain is near the mouth of the driveway. This position stimulates chi to enter the entire property. Alternate placements for the fountain are in the center of the yard near the front of the house or near the front door.

Two additional ways to compensate for a cul-de-sac is to use color and motion to stimulate energy at the property entrance. A flagpole bearing a colorful flag or a bright windsock near the mouth of the driveway is a good solution for this condition.

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