Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Importance of the center

Finding the Center of Your House

Although all areas of your house are important, the most important area (besides the front door) is the center. The center of the house is the most vital area on a home's floor plan. The energy in this area dramatically influences your health and impacts every part of your life. The center of your house is like the hub of a wheel: All action and energy pass through this area. This principle is true even if you rarely spend time in the center — even if it's a closet.

Recognizing the importance of the center

The following four characteristics make the center stand out from all the other house areas.

The center energetically connects to and interrelates with all other areas of the house. The center affects and is affected by every area.

The center affects your health and well-being. Good health and physical vitality allow you to achieve your fullest potential. If your health suffers, every part of your life suffers as well. To keep your life in balance, take a look at the center of your home or workplace.

The center affects every area of your life. If you want to create overall life improvement, start at the center. Cures performed in the center spread energy outward to other areas. By the same token, if your home needs lots of Feng Shui work but multiple cures are beyond your budget, a single effective cure in the center can help you turn things around.

The center of the house can even make you centered! A cure in the center can help put things right by getting you centered.

Knowing the ideal energy condition of the center

Ideally, the center of the house should be open, airy, and free rather than stuffy, dark, and cramped. The center should feel bright, uplifting, healthy, and pleasant. The best room for the center is a living room, family room, den, or study.

Figuring out what's good in the center

Because the center of the house connects to all aspects of your life, performing cures in the center can solve your problems and create positive life benefits. The cures in the following sections can help enhance the center's effects on your life in multiple ways.

Attract vital energy with plants

Placing fresh, healthy green plants in the center of the house is a great all-around life cure. One plant can help, but more is even better. Odd, or yang, numbers are inherently more active than even, or yin, numbers. So an odd number of plants (3. 5, 7, and so on) can create more activity and change than an even number can create.

Display the color of health
Yellow is the color of health. For an excellent cure, place yellow objects in your center or paint the walls in the area shades of yellow or gold.

Apply a special life cure
If you're experiencing problems and really need relief, you can perform the special all-purpose "save me!" cure. Using a red ribbon cut to a 9-inch increment, hang a large faceted crystal sphere in the center of your house.

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