Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The master suite dilemma

Large, beautiful, and convenient for owners, master suites reveal a major trend in today's home market. Amenities of a master suite often include the availability of a large closet and a bathroom integrated with the bedroom.`` However, a master suite can negatively affect the energy of its occupants in several ways.

A very large master suite can cause disorientation, confusion, and conflicts among the partners; a room that is too large lacks; coziness and can make the occupants feel Ionely. (Some partners end up communicating with each other by cell phone from different areas of the room.) Adding healthy plants to the space can make a large room feel more occupied and fill of life.'

Generally; an irregular space is an unwanted, persistent puzzle for your subconscious; in the same manner, an irregularly shaped room causes confusion because the mind continuously attempts to make sense of its space. A room with multiple openings and odd shapes is like living inside a mystery — determining where the room actually begins and ends is difficult.

In addition, the opening to the bath area acts as a gaping hole in the room that inevitably draws precious energy away from the bed. The best cure for ° this situation is to place a curtain or door across the opening.

The most elaborate master suites (featuring multiple openings, doors to outside patios, and multileveled and/or slanted ceilings) are classic Feng Shui nightmares. These rooms can provoke multiple life problems and can make finding a good bed position quite a challenge. An overall good cure for a master suite is to hang a faceted crystal sphere from the center of the room to harmonize the disparate flows of energy. For a stronger cure, you can hang a high-quality leaded glass crystal chandelier (as long as you don't hang it over the bed).

Curing the master suite

Now you need to know how to apply cures for master suite problems.

The room features an outside door in the bedroom. This situation can lead to problems in a relationship (a partner joins the circus), drainage of money in the household, or loss of health. The outside door also introduces excess chi into the room, which induces additional problems.

The path of energy from the main door to the exterior door runs across the foot of the bed. This condition can create challenges in the career area of life.

A huge opening in the room leads to the bath area. This opening is directly across from the foot of the bed and can drain the sleepers' energies. The wet, draining energies of the bathroom, along with the gaping hole in the wall, can wreak havoc on the relationship and physical health.

A master suite with the previous three conditions doesn't afford :.a good place for the bed. In Feng Shui, bed position is the most important bedroom factor; it provides a foundation for health, strength, and life success. Three of the Walls in this room contain an opening or doorway, which makes them impractical for the bed. The right hand wall is the only feasible alternative, but this position is a Feng Shui problem. You can apply the following cures to a master suite.

Place a curtain across the opening to the bath area. This visual barrier reduces the effects of the opening and completes the room, which helps to stabilize and solidify the marriage and health. Attaching a door to this opening makes a stronger cure, but for most people, the curtain is more feasible.

Hang a faceted crystal sphere in the center of the room. This cure serves two purposes. First, a cure in the center is a good antidote to having concurrent multiple problems, and it can improve luck and fortune. Second, the energy flowing from the main door to the exterior door meets the energy that comes from the bath opening toward the bed (and vice versa). At this critical juncture, the sphere in the center helps balance and calms the energies, thereby protecting the sleepers and harmonizing the entire room.

Place a wind chime at the exterior door. The wind chime regulates the flow of energy in and out of the exterior door. This cure helps retain energy and life in the room, and it protects the sleepers.

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