Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bed Room and KISS formula

The bed should be the main focus of any bedroom. Many people unfortunately (and unknowingly) turn their bedrooms into small apartments with lots of functions. Nowadays, bedrooms serve as places for office work, physical exercise, TV watching and entertainment, storage for extra stuff, a reading library, and even an eating area — all in addition to a place that provides (supposedly) rest and intimacy in the relationship. (You may as well fix your motorcycle in the bedroom, too.) In this hectic environment, the quality of your sleep (and health) can take a real beating. The busier and more connected your daily life becomes, the more you need a safe haven from the clamor of the outside world. Bringing media in all its wonderful forms (phone, TV, radio, Internet, alien civilizations) into your bedroom is indeed mentally stimulating and highly enjoyable, but exactly the opposite of the peace and calm needed for high quality rest.

Try to return the bedroom to its original intended functions. In case you've forgotten, these functions are sleep and relationship. Let your other activities take place outside the bedroom (like in the living room and dining room) and watch your sleep and attitude improve remarkably and rapidly.

For Feng Shui bedroom decor, remember the KISS formula (pun intended): Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Multiple functions and purposes in a room tend to breed confusion, and this concept is particularly true of the bedroom. If you want increased balance and better sleep plus more togetherness, romance, and passion in your relationship, you should make following quick and easy Feng Shut adjustments:

Get the phone and answering machine out of the bedroom. This removal includes portable phones. At the least, unplug the phone a night.

Remove TVs, stereos, and entertainment centers. The TV is relationship zapper numero uno in the bedroom. (Be honest: Late night talk show hosts aren't exactly erotic mood enhancers.) In addition: falling asleep while watching TV is a great way to turn you into a zombie. Just keeping these culprits in the room detracts from one's rest — even if they're not turned on very often. If you can't handle this cure, you can cover the TV -- or keep it in a closed cabinet — whenever the TV is not turned on.

Haul out bookshelves and piles of books, magazines, bills, and paper. They distract you from sleeping and keep your mind busy while you sleep. A few books on your nightstand, however, are fine.

Remove office equipment, computers, printers, and desks from the bedroom. These critters offend for several reasons; they're noisy, clutter-prone, and emit electromagnetic fields that can sap your energy. In addition, office items distract you from sleeping and from relating to your significant other. If you feel forced because of limited space to keep multiple functions in one room (such as an office in the bedroom), you can benefit from sectioning off the non-sleeping portion of the room with a screen or room divider.

Get the excess furniture out. The KISS formula strikes again. Keep your bedroom simple, and you can feel more balance, peace, and calm. Also, excess furniture can stifle the energy of your bedroom and the people who sleep in it. You can still place other pieces of furniture besides the bed in the bedroom. But remember: Don't stuff the room with lots of furniture! Large amounts of tall, heavy furniture can dominate the bedroom and can even make you feel subconsciously dominated, oppressed, or frightened. Also watch out for poison arrows, angles and parts that jut out from furniture and point toward the bed. Poison arrows can negatively affect your health. If your bedroom contains large or protruding pieces of furniture, do your best to rearrange or remove the offending items. If you can't, drape cloth in front of the angle or place a potted plant at a jutting corner to protect yourself.

A bedroom really exists for health, wealth, and relationship or marriage; and then adjusts your life accordingly — as best you can.

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