Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Positive Effects of Regular Shapes

Enjoying Balance: The Positive Effects of Regular Shapes

In Feng Shui terms, regular shapes are the most favorable for houses and lots. Regular shapes include squares, rectangles, circles, and octagons. These shapes all promote even, balanced, and harmonious living. Because everything in your environment corresponds to your body and mind, the positive qualities of these four shapes have similar effects on you. Circular and octagonal houses and lots are rare – difficult to build and find, so square rectangular lots and house shapes are the most common, favorable, and practical shapes.

Many uneven or asymmetrical shapes can be interesting to look at, and to design. An asymmetrical shape is initially more arresting to the eye than a regular, balanced shape. But the problems with unbalanced shapes come not from looking at them but from living in them. Over time, the imbalance of the shape tends to produce an imbalance in the physical and mental well-being of the residents.

Living foursquare: Squares and rectangles

A square represents a solid, even, and stable existence. A rectangle has the same basic energy, however if the rectangle is much longer in one direction, the main entry to the house or lot is best located on one of the sort sides of the rectangle. If the entry sits on one of the long sides, the energy can quickly exit the property with nourishing it, leading to a loss of good fortune for residents.

Make sure your lot or house is a true square or rectangle – not an imposter! A true square or rectangle has only four flat, even sides and four 90-degree corners with no indentations, protrusions, or slants. If your house or lot is not a perfect square or rectangle the irregularities can either be helping or hindering you; it means can have featured projections – generally favorable, or missing areas – not so good. Feng Shui always provides a cure for enhancing the positive and countering the negative.

Round and round: Circles and Octagons

Round shapes denote unity, wholeness, and balance. A circle has a pleasing symmetry that is good for life in general. Octagonal shapes are powerful, strong, and lucky, and the have a special association with the Feng shui Octagon. Round and octagonal houses reflect the positive aspect of having strong, whole shape, but often their interiors have many unusually shaped rooms. Round and octagonal shaped houses and lots are quite rare in real life, so If you happen to live in one, the occupant should consult a Feng Shui professional to assist you with your home cures.

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