Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Noticing Neighboring Rooms

The two most vital rooms in a house are the master bedroom and the kitchen. Not to downplay the importance of your kid's rooms, but the master bedroom empowers the parents who literally and energetically feed the children. Therefore, the location of these two rooms affects the overall life and fortune of the occupants.

The bedroom and kitchen contain the all-important bed and stove, which create, nurture, and give life to the household. Ideally, the kitchen and master bedroom shouldn't be located near each other, because the energies of the bed and stove can conflict if they're too close. If the bed and stove are positioned back-to-back on a common wall, or if the doors of these two rooms directly face each other, your marriage and/or health can suffer. In addition, neither the bed nor the stove should sit near a toilet

Conflicts involving any combination of these three features — the bed, the stove, and the toilet — can lead to serious problems in the corresponding Life Areas. If these scenarios define your home environment, apply the cures for that with Feng Shui principles.

Toilet/stave and toilet/bed wall connections

A toilet should not be positioned back-to-back on a common wall with a stove or a bed, because the repetitive influence of the toilet flushing sucks life-force energy from either one. Potential toilet/stove consequences range from digestive problems to loss of wealth to serious illness or accidents. Toilet/bed consequences include not only these problems but also the possibility of divorce or even loss of life. If the sink sits on the wall behind the bed, the same problems may arise, though they aren't as severe.

To perform the toilet/stove cure, install a mirror on the kitchen wall behind the stove. Make sure that the mirror is the same width as the stove and extends from the floor to at least the top of the stove or up to the bottom of the cabinet above the stove. In addition, the reflective surface of the mirror should face the stove.

For the toilet/bed situation, place a mirror on the wall behind the bed, running from the floor to at least the top of the headboard. The mirror width should equal the width of the bed, and the shiny side should face the bed. If you don't have a headboard, the mirror can come up to the top of the mattress. When you perform this cure visualize peace, safety, and good health for the full results.

Mirror on wall behind headboard facing the bed.

Boosting the Energy of Your Home and Office

A toilet located on the floor above and directly over a bed or stove can also mean potential disaster. To cure this situation, fix a small round mirror on the ceiling above the sleepers' heads or above the stove, directly under the toilet, shiny side down. An alternative or additional cure is to hang a faceted crystal sphere and/or a metal wind chime using a red ribbon (cut to a 9-inch increment) directly over the sleepers' heads or over the cook-top.

In an apartment building, a toilet located on the floor directly above your bed or stove, causes the same negative effects even if the toilet is located in another apartment.

Stove/bed wall connection

If the stove and bed share a common wall, the potential problems are similar to the ones described above, and the solution is virtually the same. Install a mirror behind the bed directly underneath the stove.

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