Saturday, December 1, 2012

Outside Environment, Neighborhood and Streets

Things that you see as you come and go from one place to another affect you psychologically. Imagine this: On your way to work you experience the usual bump over the pothole in front of your driveway. You pass by the eyesore that is your neighbor's home with its peeling paint and untended yard. Then with a grumble, you pass the vacant lot at the end of the street that now serves as a local dumping ground for irresponsible citizens. Next you are delayed in a traffic jam and late for an important meeting at work. By the end of the day, you only want to relax at home, but first you must face the rush hour traffic snarl again, pass the same neighborhood eyesores, and hit the same irritating pothole to get into your driveway. Experienced repeatedly over time these conditions can provoke irritability and energetic discomfort.

The same experience - continuous environmental influences on your psyche and life - happens on a more subtle level with smaller obstacles that you encounter daily as you move in and out of your personal environment - your own home. What's the point? Everything you see in your external environment, whether you notice it or not, affects you energetically. So you should know how to read the energies of your exterior surroundings and perform cures for the problem features found in the exterior of your house and property. Performing the cures can increase the energy quotient of your property, and smooth your path to increased success and happiness.

Your neighborhood is the context or local container of your personal environment, the space in which your home is contained. Your neighborhood plays a large role in determining the overall feel, mood, and energy of your home, as well as the energy of you within your home.

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