Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Making the Most of the Mouth of Chi

The front door serves as the mouth of the house. Like your physical mouth, it takes in the sustenance that nourishes the house — chi or energy. If the mouth has trouble, you have trouble. The health of the house (and the fortunes of the inhabitants) begins with the front door and entry.

Principles of the ideal front door

An ideal front door adheres to three key principles. The front door requirements are as follows:

Well illuminated: Your front door should be well lit and free of shadows and darkness. Good lighting at the entrance is a good energy principle for the door and the house.

Bright and clear: The door, the approach, and the entryway should be cheerful, lively, and uplifting. Ideally, your front door invokes a pleasant, happy feeling and attitude. The front doorway should also be free of obstacles and obstructions to chi and to people entering.

Balance to the house: The front door should not be too large or too small compared to the front facade of the house. A door that is too small can't attract sufficient chi for the residents and can diminish their social stature. A door that appears too large for the house projects a boastful attitude and engenders subconscious dislike from your neighbors.

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