Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interior Entryway Problems and Solutions

If energy flows from your front door through your house without obstructions or blocks, the chi of your entire house is fed and nourished, which promotes positive life results. If your energy is obstructed, problems may occur in the areas of career and physical and mental health. And some of these problems can occur right at the front entryway.

Interior stairway facing front door

An interior stairway facing the front door signifies money rolling out of the house. The gravity force coming down the stairs pushes incoming chi back out the front door, symbolizing loss of wealth or income. As remodeling the stairs is usually impractical, an energetic solution is more pragmatic..

The cure is to place a faceted crystal sphere or pleasant-sounding wind chime halfway between the front door and the base of the stairs. This cure diffuses the stairway's descending chi into the house rather than letting it escape out the door or repel incoming chi.

The problem of an interior stairway facing the front door is less severe if the distance from the door to the stairs is greater than twice the height of the tallest person in the house

Mandarin duck stairway

A main entry that opens directly onto a stairway landing, requiring you to go up one stairway or down another to proceed into the house, features a mandarin duck stairway. Under its influence, one partner in the marriage may go up in life while the other goes down; one may enjoy career success while the other struggles; or their life-paths may diverge, leading to separation or divorce. The unusual name stems from the Chinese custom of having a special dish — mandarin duck — at the wedding banquet. Apparently the staircase looks similar to the roasted duck at the feast. To cure this stair, place a plant at the juncture of the two staircases. Another effective alternative (or addition) is to wrap a realistic, silk, ivy, green vine around the banister of the stairway from bottom to top, imparting life and green energy to the stairway, and counteracting its negative effects.

Sprit view on entering

A split view on entering is one where half of your field of vision is blocked by a close wall, while in the other half you can see much further into the house. One negative effect of this feature is a physical dissonance between your left eye and right eye, and between left brain and right brain. A psychological rift occurs when this sight continuously greets you upon entering your home. Repeated viewing can subconsciously stimulate anxiety, stress, schizophrenic tendencies, and other psychological problems, leading to bad decisions and even accidents. The cure for this is to place a mirror on the partially blocking wall to balance the view and restore harmony to the entrance

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