Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reading the chi of a neighborhood or place

Everyone including you can read energy. Sensing energy is a basic human ability; it does not require mountaintop mystical training. When you sense energy you allow your feelings to come to the surface so you can recognize them and notice how they make you feel. Making the following observations can tell you plenty about the energy of a place and can let you know whether the energy is positive or negative.

  • Observe the local animals and wildlife. Do you see healthy, bright animals and pets? For example, seeing a deer as you enter an area is a positive sign. A negative animal sign is mangy, unleashed, roaming dog.
  • Observe the plants and vegetation. Are they lush, vibrant, and healthy? or Sick, brown, and dried up? Healthy plants are a sign of living, flourishing energy just the kind you want to surround yourself with. Drying plants symbolize a lack of abundant chi in the environment, which can make you wonder if enough energy is present to support your life and success.
  • Observe the people: Seeing the inhabitants of a location can tell you a lot about the energy of an area. Are the people friendly, cheerful and happy, or suspicious, dour, and unhappy? Generally friendly people demonstrate a much higher quality of energy in the environment than do unhappy and angry people.
  • Observe the life patterns of the neighborhood: Find out the general levels of harmony and happiness in your area. Notice how wealth is distributed and whether personal lawsuits are filed frequently. Also keep in mind the number of premature deaths, car accidents, divorces, and so on. These factors tell you about the history of the neighborhood, as well as its current standing, and how living in the area influences you energetically. The lives of families in surrounding houses are powerful factors and indicators of the kind of energy circulating in the neighborhood. A sign of upheaval in a neighborhood is that many homes in the area have recently been sold. Check the institutions in the area; the presence of a graveyard, funeral home, or hospital can symbolize negative energy.

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