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Eliminating House and Lot Problems

Eliminating House and Lot Problems

Too close for comfort

If your home positioned too close to another building, especially a taller one, you can potentially experience feelings of oppression and victimization. You can cure the situation by hanging a Ba-Gua mirror on the wall of your house nearest the larger building, or even on the roof closest to the other structure. The mirror should face the opposing building. A particularly good Ba-Gua mirror for this situation is one featuring a concave – curving inward mirror in the center. Hanging the mirror on your wall or roff can relieve any feelings of oppression and pressure, and provide newfound freedom and ease. For full effects with this cure, apply the Three Secrets Reinforcement, and visualize your desired results.

Whole ‘lotta shakin’ goin’ on

A major disturbing element close to the house structure itself, such as a main thoroughfare street or dingy alley, creates turbulence and chaotic energy. The continuous motion of cars and people passing by creates subtle shakes, and rattles, and rolls, which translate into aggravation and unease. The rushing sounds and intense energy tend to upset the sleep, moods, and psychological balance of the residents. If the disturbing element is a train track, subway, or freeway overpass, the problem can be greatly intensified depending on the volume of traffic. Life results can range from lack of rest and health issues to clashing arguments, unnecessary accidents, and frequent absence from the home.

You can counteract this situation by creating a visual block, such as planting a tree or trees or tall shrubs that can hide the negative element and provide energetic protection for the home. If the problem is a nearby train or street, a good cure is to place sizeable pinwheels or windmills near the offending element, which disperse the chaotic chi, and create antidote to the noise and confusion. You can also cure this situation by placing one or more flagpoles the taller – the better, waving colorful flags near the disturbing element.

Problematic neighbors

If your neighbors are loud, antagonistic, dangerous, or otherwise bothersome, Feng Shui offers some simple solutions to help you protect yourself.

First, consider planting a row of hedges between your home and your neighbor’s home. This cure buffers the problem neighbor’s energy and even helps bring peace into the situation.

A second option is to hang a wind chime at the property line between your house and your neighbor’s. The sound of the chime helps to disperse conflicting and aggressive feelings, replacing them with a melody of harmony and balance.

If a situation is particularly intense and calls for strong help, mirrors can be effectively employed. A mirror or fence or on the side of your house facing the neighbor can create an energetic boundary of protection and safety for you and your family. If even more oomph is needed, you can place a Ba-Gua mirror facing the neighbor’s house.

The mirror can help protect you and your home from negativity that may come flying your way. As usual with Feng Shui, be sure to employ this solution in a spirit of compassion and desire for mutual harmony, never with the intention of malice, or returning negative energy to the other party. The mirror’s purpose is to create safety and ease for your household, not to do something to or against your neighbor.

Ideal and Not-So-Ideal House Positioning

The ideal house position is located in the center third from front to back of a regularly shaped, symmetrical lot; in the middle of the lot from left to right: even with the road or above the road; and with flat land or sloping-upward land behind the house. A house in this position is in a balanced and protected location and is set up for good fortune.

The three thirds of the lot from front to back energetically represent the following:

  • The front third symbolizes planting or beginning. This are is where opportunities and energy begin, germinate, and sprout.
  • The middle third represents growing. This is where situations develop, progress, and begins to mature.
  • The rear third of the lot symbolizes harvest, cultivation, and completion. Wealth is symbolically and energetically stored in this general area of the property.

Locating problems with your home’s location

The following situations from the ideal lot site can create obstacles and life problems.

  • If your house is in the front third of the lot, it sits too close to the street and can be vulnerable. You can plant a large tree or place lights in the back and sides of the yard to balance the lot energy.
  • If your house is located in the back third of the lot, it sits too far from the street and, therefore, lacks energy. Also, the area behind the house is symbolically where the money of the family is stored. A house in this position does not have a large area between it and the rear property line; this small or nonexistent area for wealth can negatively influence the fortunes of the household. A tree or light placed in the front of the property is a balancing cure. The same cure can apply if the house is too close to either side of the lot. Simply place a light on the side opposite the house.

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