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In life intention requires

In life intention requires


Everything that humans do in life requires intention - a combination of will, motivation, and desire. According to Grandmaster Lin Yun's Feng Shui school, intention plays a key role; in fact, intention is the starting point for feng shui efforts. First you decide what you want - you intend a result. Then you focus your intention as you create a change a cure in your environment designed to bring about the the result. If your intention is clear, your desired outcome is much more likely to occur.

Intention magnifies the energy of the cures and increase their power and effectiveness in your life. Feng Shui cures work whether you perform them with focused intention or not, but if you want the maximum results, don't just go through the motions when you perform your cures. Give them your full intention.

Feng Shui has a special technique for empowering the intentions of your cures - thereby making them much more potent - called the Three Secrets Reinforcement. The Reinforcement is a short and easy-to-perform procedure that you can apply with each feng shui cure that you perform. It utilizes aspects of your body, speech, and mind to energetically strengthen the cure.

The ingredients of Intention


Feng Shui works because its philosophy is based on the principles of energy flow to which all environments are subject. You can add rocket fuel to your Feng Shui by connecting a particular intention to each cure that you perform. By applying specific intentions to cures, you actually infuse them with added energy.

Applying intention to cures consists of three key elements:

1.                  Knowing exactly what you want
2.                  Visualizing and feeling the desired result before it happens
3.                  Expecting the result to happen
To the degree that any of these ingredients are missing, your cure can be less effective. But to the degree that these ingredients are present, your cures can be much more effective.

Know exactly what you want


Knowing what you want is the single most important factor in the realm of intention. If you are unclear about your goal, you can still get positive results from your cures, but they may be more general than particular. Clarity about your goals focuses your intention and empowers your cures to accomplish specific desired results. You can perform beneficial cures with general intentions like improving your health, or increasing wealth, or bringing harmony into the home, and so on. The point is to have a strong, clear, and focused intention.

A very important factor of knowing what you want is the strength with which you want it; your intention is the most effective when your desire with great intensity. Weak or wishy-washy intentions do not greatly magnify your cures. Passion infuses your intentions with power and effectiveness. So the more passion you put into achieving your goal, the moreenergy your intention has, and the more effective your cure can be.

You can write down your intentions when you practice Feng Shui. Write down not only what you want, but why you want it and how intently you want it. This simple step makes your goal more real and the cure more meaningful. Writing also helps you generate the intention that you need to produce results.

See and Feel the result before it happens


The human brain and imagination are the most powerful tools that the universe has yet developed. They allow us to vividly see desired future outcomes and then create them. Visualizing the intention is almost a prerequisite for manifesting an intention in any field of endeavor, such as art, science, business and so on. Moreover, the clarity with which you visualize an intention makes your goal more likely to happen as you foresee it. So visualizing the desired results of a cure - while you perform it - make it substantially more effective. When visualizing, endeavor to make your internal pictures so vivid that you actually feel, emotionally and physically, how wonderfully and exciting your new life can be when the result is attained.

Expect the result to happen

When you know what you want and can visualize it happening, the final step is to proceed in life with the confident assumption that your cures are effective as you apply them - act as if. In other words, seal the deal with certainty. Align your actions, thoughts, attitudes, and words to the new life situation or result that you desire. Then watch your life change come into being before your eyes. Feng Shui cures, when performed in this manner, open up new energy pathways that allow your intentions to be realized in ways you never dreamed possible.

Expecting a result is not wishing upon a star or magical thinking where you sit back and relax while expecting some higher power to magically work everything out. Passive thinking, aggressive skepticism, doubtful thinking are not clear intentions.

Simply perform the cures that you feel are right for you and your house with strong intention, and assume that they are effective. For best results, perform your cures without actively or subconsciously holding back. Act as if your cures are working and expect results. Not only do your cures work faster, but you are also happier while they do.

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