Monday, November 19, 2012

Important key to Feng Shui: Yin and Yang

 Important key to Feng Shui: Yin and Yang

Everything in the universe is composed of two opposite yet complementary principles or qualities: Yin and Yang.

Yin symbolizes the passive side of nature, while yang represents the active side. But Yin and yang don't exist independently, they simply describe the two primary qualities in which all existing things parked. Although nothing is 100% yin or 100% yang, all things contain relative amounts of both yin and yang energy. This concept is an important key to Feng Shui.

Things with characteristics such as passivity, receptiveness, silence, darkness, and awkwardness are said to represent yin. In contrast, things with active, hard, projecting, loud, and bright characteristics represent yang. Neither one is better than the other, and both are absolutely necessary for life and the universe to exist. Nothing is completely good or pure, just as no one is totally evil or without redeeming qualities.

In Feng Shui terms, a too-yang environment is disturbing and leads to the loss of peace and harmony. For example, a bedroom facing a noisy street can rob you of the quality rest you need. But a too yin area - say an office looking out onto a dark narrow alley - can cause you to become overly subdued and lethargic, and can limit your energy and efficiency. An overly yin entrance to a residence - one that is hidden and dark - may not attract enough money or energy.

Yin and yang can also describe activities, events, and emotions. For instance, a funeral is usually yin in nature: quiet, sober, and subdued. On the other hand, Diwali Festival in India is the epitome of yang energy: active, full of light, colorful, noisy, and exuberant. If you are overly yang, your emotional state is angry or explosive. But if you are overly yin, you can become withdrawn or depressed. To help your counteract or enhance certain qualities and tendencies, you can design your living environment according to Feng shui. At their essence, all the Feng shui cures you discover are ways of balancing the yin and yang in you and in your enviroment.

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