Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living Cures

Living Cures

Living cures utilize the vitality and energy of plants and vegetation to boost the chi of a space. They provide nourishing, healthy chi for your home or office. Living cures are also easy to perform, highly effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Plants and Flowers

Plants add color to your space and symbolize new life and growth. The best plants to use for cures are full, lush, and vibrant. Rounded leaves are generally better than long, pointed ones. Avoid dagger-like plants, such as cacti, which create symbolic spears in your environment. If you have plants that are sparse, weak, sickly or dying, heal them or replace them as soon as possible with fresh, health plants. Also plants, with flowers and/or fruits create more effective cures than those without.

When utilizing a plant for Feng Shui cure, you can get best results if you go out and buy a new, fresh, vibrant plant specifically for the cure; buying a new plant proves more effective energy than using a plant you already own.

Get rid of the dead, dying and dried plants

Dead wilting plants, flowers, and decorative sticks except for bamboo flutes create negative Feng Shui, as they are anti-life signs. Even wreaths and dried flower arrangements, however beautifully designed, symbolize death to the subconscious mind and create a subtle drag on your energy. This principle holds true even if our personally like them. Dried flowers are dead, regardless of how they look or how much you paid for them, and according to Feng Shui principles, they can negatively influence your environment and you. The recommended cure is to remove them. A Stronger cure is to replace dead and dried flowers with living, colorful plants and flowers. Replacing death with life is a wonderfully symbolic act, and you can feel the positive energetic effects of this cure immediately.

Freshly cut flowers make another great living energy cure, as they stimulate life, cheer, and positive chi. but be sure not to let them wilt and die on the premises.

Generally, an odd number of plants create a stronger, more active energy than an even number. But an even numbers of plants are still very effective.

Artificial plants can be used as cures. But make sure they look real. The best silk plants are indistinguishable from the real ones, except to the touch. So if you choose artificial plants, use silk ones for Feng Shui cures. The best artificial plants always seem fresh and thereby symbolize continuing life. A nice touch is to put a convincing silk plant in a pot of real soil.


Aquariums, which combine water and living energy, are powerful Feng Shui cures. They wonderfully spruce up an area, bringing in new vitality and stimulating energy flow. They are also natural mood-enhancers. Aquariums are renowned for bringing luck and good fortune to a residence and generating a stream of wealth for the occupants, which is why so many restaurants – one of the most difficult of all businesses to succeed in – use them.

Aquariums also contain fish that continuously circulate are apparently peaceful and never get stuck. They stimulate a similar flow in your life, flexibility and ease in your endeavors, and fewer blocks and obstacles. Also, bright, lively, multicolored fish represent you getting along with many different types of people.

To maintain the positive chi of your aquarium, make sure that your fish remain healthy, that the water stays clean rather than murky, and that any fish that die are replaced as soon as possible with healthy new ones.

Stronger aquarium cure given by Grandmaster Lin Yun, is to stock your tank with nine goldfish, eight of them red and one black. If any of these fish die, replace them at once. If the black fish dies, it means a misfortune headed your way has caught the fish instead you.

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