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The Energies of the Five Elements

Tapping the Power of the Five Elements

You should know the powerful method of understanding and shifting the energy of your environment – the Five Elements. According to Chinese energy theory, everything in the universe is mad up of varying combinations of five elements, or forms of energy. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The five elements system offers a way of looking at the natural cycles of the world and coming into balance with them. Energetically speaking, you contain some of each of the Five Elements, and so does your environment.

The Five Elements have corresponding natural locations of the Octagon. If the Elements are situated in the proper positions in your home, the energy circulates and helps you achieve harmony and abundance. But each Element has a location in the environment where it can conflict with another Element in the area. When Elements are situated in these negative locations, you may experience conflict, lowered income, and even psychological and health problems.

You should know the basic energies of each of the Elements, as well as their positive and negative placements. Then you can use several ways to create powerful cures using the energies of the Five Elements.

Each Element is a form of energy with unique characteristics, feeling, and various correspondences to the natural world. These correspondences include colors, seasons of the year, and geometric shapes. The Five Elements are also connected to the psychological and interpersonal aspects of human life. You should know the correspondences of each of the Elements, how they function, and their energetic qualities.

The Energies of the Five Elements

The energy of Wood: Growth

Wood chi is the energy of expansion and new growth. Represented by the color green, the Wood Element is related to the liver and the season of spring. Its corresponding geometric shape is a column or rectangle which is positioned upright; skyscrapers are common examples of wood-shaped buildings. On the Octagon, Wood is located in the Family Area. Wood is good to apply when you want to add the energy of growth, expansion, and vitality to your life. Associated with new beginnings, Wood cures are like adding a touch of spring, the season you feel young, energetic, and motivated.

The energy of Fire: Expansion

Fire chi is upward, burning, hot energy and is moving, bright, and fiery. Of the five energies, Fire represents maximum expansiveness and activity, the peak of energetic intensity. Fire is related to the summer season, the color red, and the heart. Its corresponding geometric shape is a triangle or pyramid. And Fire energy’s natural position is in the Fame Area of the Octagon. Perform Fire cures when you want to create more expansion in your life and experience increased recognition.

The energy of Earth: Stability

Earth chi stabilizes, balances, and grounds you. In times intense life change, Earth helps you become more centered and connected to bedrock. Earth is related to the harvest season, the color yellow, and the stomach. Its corresponding geometric shapes are the square, the rectangle positioned horizontally, and the cube 3-D. Earth’s natural location is the center or Health Area of the Octagon. Perform Earth cures when you want to slow down in life, become more centered, and feel connected and stable.

The Energy of Metal: Contraction

Metal chi is cold, contracting, dense energy associated with communication, creativity, detail, symbols, signals, and noise. Corresponding with the color white, metal is related to the lungs, and the fall season. Its geometric shapes are circle, sphere, and dome. Metal is located in the Children Area of the Octagon. Apply Metal cures when you want to improve communications, empower your children, or stimulate your projects.

The energy of Water: Stillness

Water chi is the energy of maximum concentration and stillness. Water is the energy of things moving downward and coming to rest. Also, water is related the season of winter, to the colors black and dark blue, and to the kidneys. The shapes of Water are elusive, imprecise, undulating forms that are flowing and difficult to describe. Water is naturally positioned in the Career Area of the Octagon. Perform Water cures when you want more peace and clarity mind or want to increase the flow of people and cash into your life.

Placing the Five Elements in the Environment

If you know the positions of the Feng Shui Octagon, finding the natural locations of the Five Elements is easy. The Five Elements are located on the Octagon are as follows:

  • Fire: The Center back area of the environment (Fame Area)
  • Earth: The Center Area (Health Area)
  • Metal: The Center Right Area (Children Area)
  • Water: The Center Front Area (Career Area)
  • Wood: The Center left Area (Family Area)

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