Friday, November 30, 2012

Elements and object Placement

Pyramid-shaped object in the Fire Area

The Five Elements theory explains how natural forces combine and interact to either help or hinder your life. When the Elements are in balance, your daily life reflects peace and harmony, but when your home has conflicts between elements, you may experience disharmony and chaotic life patterns. You can use different cure methods that you can apply to create powerful energetic shifts in your environment along with corresponding beneficial changes in your life.

This principle is the basic formula for balance: When the Elements are located in their natural positions and, more importantly, are not located in positions of conflict with other Elements, balance is enhanced.

When applying the Five Elements to create particular life results, you can use any of the following correspondences:

·                     The Physical representation of the Element
·                     The Color of the Element
·                     The Corresponding shape of the Element

Placing Elements in their Natural Locations:

With this cure method, you simply place a representation of a chosen Element in its natural location. If you need more Fire Energy in your life or desire a boost in your reputation, add the Fire Element to the Fame Area of your house, bedroom, or yard.

For example if you want to apply the Fire Element, you can add a candle to the natural location of Fire or the color red, or you can place a triangular or pyramid-shaped object in the area.

Removing and counteracting offending Elements

When any of the conflicts are present in your environment, watch out! An Element positioned in the natural location of a conflicting Element can create particular life problems. You should remedy these element relationships, especially if they correspond to an area of your life that you want to improve with feng shui.

·                     Wood located in Earth's natural location can harm your health.
·                     Fire located in Metal's natural location can harm your communication.
·                     Earth located in water's natural location can harm your career.
·                     Metal located in wood's natural location can harm your family life.
·                     Water located in Fire's natural location can harm your reputation.
For best results, remove an Element from a position where it conflicts with another Element, particularly if you are experiencing challenges in the corresponding Life Area. For example: Water destroys Fire, so a fountain ( water) located in the fire location - Fame area of your house causes an Element conflict that can negatively affect your reputation. Simply remove the fountain.

If a Destructive Element relationship can't be moved, you can still cure the problem in other ways:

·                     Counteract the offending Element by adding a counter Element to the area in question to symbolically destroy the offending element. For example: If a fireplace is located in the Metal position of your home - the children area and the home child is experiencing problems in school, cure the fireplace by adding water - which destroys fire - to the children area. Try adding a fountain to the Metal position to dampen the effect of the fireplace and relieve the negative effects on your child. Instead of adding actual water, you can also use the color of water by placing something black in the area, or you can use an object with Water's wavy, undulating shape. Better yet, use a black object with water's shape.
·                     Add more of the attacked Element to its natural location to increase its strength and help it overcome the offender. Continuing with the example of a fireplace in Metal's natural location, use this method by adding more Metal to its natural location to boost Metal's power. According you can add an object made of metal, the color white, or something round or spherical to the Metal location.

Elements together for power and creativity

Utilizing the Creator and Offspring Elements for added power

The Utilizing the Creator and Offspring Elements for added power method is to add either the Creator or offspring elements or both an element's natural position. For example, say you want to boost family expansion and family unity. Wood is the element you need to apply for these results. Water creates wood, and fire is the offspring of wood. Therefore to increase wood, you can add either a fountain or the color red to wood's natural location.

Using all the Elements together for power and creativity

The Method Using all the Elements together for power and creativity is the method to create balance, harmony and power. You can ad all the Five Elements to an element's position or any room that need its energy positively adjusted. This cure is good for a bedroom, the living room, or an office environment. With all Five Elements in place, you can create an atmosphere of wholeness, peace, and creativity. the elements can be placed individually in the room or Octagon Area, or all the Elements can be contained in one item, such as painting that represents each of the five elements colors or an object that combines all the elements in shape, color, and/or material. 

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