Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Language of Feng Shui

The Language of Feng Shui

If chi is the power of Feng shui, symbols and patterns are the language of Feng shui. These aspects can reveal how your environment affects you, and these effects are quite big. Like a fish in water that is unknowingly affected by the water, your environment conditions your daily experience without your awareness in a holistic and encompassing manner. Symbols and patterns are the ways your psyche subconsciously interprets and relates to your environment.

Symbolism: Something that represents or stands in for another thing. Symbolic images reveal correspondences between patterns in your environment and patterns in your life.

Patterns: The structural relationships between the events in your life and the realities of your home and workplace. These patterns – when you’re aware of them – show you exactly how your environment is influencing your experience. Patterns can also point the way to making changes quickly and powerfully.

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