Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Observing the energy patterns of your environment

Observing the energy patterns of your environment

Many signs exist telling you whether a specific place is favorable or unfavorable to live in. Detecting the signs simply involves knowing what to look for, how to feel your environment, and what questions to ask. Imagine that you and your family are looking to buy a home, and a realtor is showing you around the neighborhood.

The following factors and question are helpful to evaluate the energies of any place.

  • Weather: is the climate in the area nourishing, pleasant, moist, damp, arid, and so on? Is it severe or harsh in any way? How does the climate feel in each season?
  • Vegetation: Is the plant life around the house lush and green or dry and desolate? Is the soil rich and fertile, sandy and sterile, rocky or predominately clay?
  • Animals: What kind of animals (pets or wild ones) inhabit the environment? Do you observe any animals as you approach? Crows, vultures, black cats, mangy dogs, and dead animals are obvious negative signs. Positive sign include deer, fox, eagle, magpie, or healthy, well-fed, friendly and happy animals.
  • People: Are the people in the are well-educated, balanced, well-groomed, employed? Do they seem bright, energetic, alert, and happy? Lethargic, standoffish, or unhappy?
  • Other’s environments: How do your neighbor’s environments look? Are their garden tended and their lawns raked and mowed? Are their cars dismantled and lying in pieces on their front lawns? Are there bullet-holes in the stop signs? Do you feel excited and uplifted when exploring the area? Or do you have a feeling of unease or even dread? Do you get a sudden urge to lock your car door while you’re still moving?
  • Omens or spiritual occurrences: What happens when you show up at a house? First impressions are important, so pay close attention. Noticeable or out-of-the-ordinary events are called omens in Feng Shui.
  • Fortunate and lucky chi versus unfortunate chi: Ask around about the lives of the neighbors of the house you’re considering. If negative events like divorce, job loss, recent death, major illness, robbery, bankruptcy, major lawsuits, and so on are highly prevalent on the same block as the house in question, you may want to keep looking.

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