Monday, November 26, 2012

What is a Feng Shui Cure?

Defining Feng Shui Cures

To get different results in life you need to change something. Cures are Feng Shui adjustments that positively shift the energy of your house, lot, or office. When you change the energy of your environment with a cure, you can experience new, positive influences from your environment. Cures put the power of Feng Shui into your hands. By applying them, you can change your life in any area you wish.

What is a Feng Shui Cure?

At the simplest level, cures are ways of changing your life by altering you space. You can also say that cures are solutions to Feng Shui problems. Performing cures changes the flow of energy in your space, shifting the chi in your environment – and in you – to a more beneficial and prosperous energy state.

Motivating for Performing Feng Shui Cures

You can use cures to fix an environmental problem, improve a weak life area, or further improve a life area that’s already in good shape.

  • To remedy an energetically weak or problematic area of your surroundings. Say you assess your bedroom using Feng Shui principles and discover that your bed sits in a position bad for your health. And you connect this situation to health problems you’ve been having. You want your environment to support your health, so you decide to perform a cure.
  • To improve an area of life that is challenging or troubling you, or remedy a life problem. In keeping with the bedroom, say that you’ve been arguing a lot with your spouse or significant other lately, and you therefore decide you want to perform a cure to improve your relationship. The next step would be to consult the area of your house, lot, bedroom, and so on that affect your relationship, and perform specific cures in these areas. You can cure an existing Feng Shui defect perhaps an exit door in the Marriage Area is allowing chi to leak away from the relationship. Or, if you can’t detect any relevant Feng Shui problems, you can perform a cure that energetically enhances or activates an area relating to marriage. For example, place fresh flowers or something with the color of pink in the Marriage Area of the bedroom or other parts of the house.
  • To further empower or strengthen an area of your life that is already strong. Say your career is going gangbusters. Your latest movie hits number one at the box office. Your CD tops the charts. Your MTV video has made you a Gen-X icon, And your new fashion line is all the rage in Paris. Now suppose, you want a Pulitzer Prize too, you can go for it! To assist your Career, you can perform cures in the Career Areas of your house, lot, bedroom, and other applicable areas.

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